Chapter 10|Love makes you do crazy things

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Red and orange take over the sky, the sun setting. I feel the cold, soggy sand clasp between my toes, it unusually feels comforting. The only sounds coming from the waves in front of me and the fire crackling behind me.

Everyone's around the fire, toasting marshmallows and laughing. I guess I'm not really into that sort of scene, I belong in front of the sea, spending hours just watching the waves.

Although my mind's elsewhere, with everything that's going on, this day was necessary for keeping me sane. But yet I feel something burn through my skin- a mixture of fire and rage.

"Can I join you?" A familiar voice from behind me bellows. I look up into the sweet chocolate brown eyes that are Finn Wolfhard, I nod slowly through narrowed eyes. He's being... too nice.

He takes a seat next to me, cross-legged. A few silent moments pass as we both glare deeply into the now purple and red sky.

My heart starts thumping out of my chest, something inside me flutters as I catch myself watching him as he continues to look beyond the ocean.

Why do I feel like this with him?

"You forgave him" is the first thing he says after a while, his eyes still fixed ahead. His words take me by surprise but I'm clearly not going to show that.

"I do a lot of stupid things" I shrug, my head spiralling with thoughts, I hear him take a deep breath.

"You like him, don't you?" his low husky voice says slowly almost as if it took him a lot of willpower to even say something like that.

"You once told me not to go with him- at the party remember? but when I asked you why would you care you shut up...will that also make you quiet this time?" I sigh, my voice low and harsh under the calm winds.

A long moment pauses, "You didn't answer my question" he insists, complete ignoring my remark.

"Yeah- I like him" I say, not knowing whether I mean it or not.

"Even after.. everything?" He scoffs, almost as if this is all funny to him, his tone sends heat down my skin.

"Love makes you do stupid things" I shrug, knowing what I'm saying clearly doesn't make sense, but yet nothing here does.

"That's not love Millie!"Finn snaps that causes me to startle, "That's manipulation! And the fact you can't even see what he's doing to you makes you even more fucking naive than I thought" His tone firmer as he holds my gaze captive, and with one last glare he gets up and walks back towards the bonfire. 

I take a deep breath as I watch the distance between us get more and more further away. And the worst part?

He didn't even turn around. Not once.

My jaw clutches in frustration, why does that damn boy have to be so infuriating?

But deep inside I know that's just a cover-up from the truth because the truth is- my heads spiralling with thoughts.

What. Have. I. Done?


The day comes to an end, we all take our separate ways and head home, Finn hasn't spoken a word as he gets in a separate limo and leaves, everyone's eyes suddenly lay onto mine, I shrug in response. He's probably just moody, I reason with myself.

Sadie stays at mine for the night, even though we have interviews and panels all of tomorrow, I'm currently sat in my room, whilst waiting for Sadie to get out of my shower. Finn's words pound through my head like bullets, no matter how much I try, I can't stop thinking about it.

Flashbacks come flooding in- to the night he saved me from Jacobs clutch, the time he told me not to go with him, to begin with. The night he walked me home and apologised after months of ignoring each other, the hug we shared and how worried he was.

But I shouldn't- I shouldn't be over thinking of these memories, especially since Finn certainly doesn't.

"You ready for interviews tomorrow?" A muffled voice comes from behind the door as it swings open suddenly, revealing a soaking wet Sadie, a towel on her head and one around her body.

I shrug in response,"It's a panel, they'll probably just ask questions about season 3" I respond.

Sadie arches her eyebrows as she grabs her clothes from a chair at the far corner,"They'll ask about you and Finn, they always do" she points out, I huff out in frustration, she has a point. It always gets awkward when they do that.

"I'll ask my manager to tell them not to ask personal questions," I say flatly, rubbing my eyes as my eyelids start to feel heavy, I lay back down on the bed as my eyes fix to the ceiling ahead.

"What time are the makeup people coming for us before the panel" Sadie says from my walk-in wardrobe, the door slightly opened far enough for me to hear her.

"Calvin Klein should be here at 9.00am with the makeup artists, they want us to wear one of their lines for the panel" I shrug.

"You'll nail tomorrow, don't even sweat it" Sadie insists as if she can hear the slight frustration in my tone.

"It's not that" I sigh sitting up on my bed as she takes a seat next to me, cross-legged. She's now dressed in some comfortable shorts and t-shirt of mine.

"What's up?" Sadie asks, her lips curl into a comforting smile. I take a deep breath.

"I feel like if Jacob and I ever happened, I would be judged for forgiving him" I sigh out loudly, making sure I don't sound like a whiny six-year-old with a high school crush.

Sadie looks at me seriously, "Millie, no ones going to judge you based on your decisions" Sadie points out.

"Finn seems to" I murmur quietly, my eyes fixed to my fingers fidgeting with the covers, not daring to look up at Sadies reaction.

"Finn is- Well... Finn. He's protective over his friends, especially you" Sadie says slowly, my head snaps back to her as I look back at her through narrowed eyes.

"What is that supposed to mean?" I question suspiciously.

"Nothing" She shrugs and she turns to switch the light off, I instantly grab the lamp and turn it back on.

"I'm not clueless, nor am I naive or deaf. I heard what you said, why would you think Finn cares about me? Especially me" I quote, Sadies face hardens as if she's trying to hide something.

"It's just that- it seems like you two are close again, like friend close and well, clearly he cares for you" she shrugs, trying to not make a big deal out of it.

"Baby steps" I scoff turning off the lights as I sink back into my comforting pillow.

"Goodnight Sink" I snicker in sarcasm to her name.

"Good night Brown" she replies, a hint of amusement in her tone.

Especially you...


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