Chapter Forty-One

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I paced the floor of my dorm, my palms were sweaty and my legs were shaking and yet I couldn't stop moving, stop thinking.

What did they mean by 'Avoid him'? and why did they seem so scared? Were they joking? were they serious? is this a prank? is this real? Why does They remind me of someone? and how do the Royals know him?


I jumped, my hand flying to my wand which lay haphazardly on my desk.

"Draco, did They give you a diary?!" I blinked, Piper, Thalia, Reyna and Luna stood in my doorway their breaths short and clothes crumpled. Wait... what?

"What? Why?" I asked my stomach dropping once more, it was hard enough to deal with this alone I didn't need it to end up being some sort of cruel joke or a way to 'turn me to the light'.

"Luna, Hermione and Will were given Dairies when They took control of him, did you get one too." They knew about they? Luna, Will and Hermione were in the same boat as me. I nodded in reply to Thalia's question and pulled a green journal from my desk drawer.

"Here, What help could it be?" I asked handing over the emerald covered book. Luna smiled softly,

"If They is controlling us to do different tasks then he would share different information with us, It's an easier way to form a plan against him. Do you know about the consequences," Luna turned dark, I nodded. They had already warned me about what defying him would lead to but in all g=honesty  he's not the worst 'bully' I've faced.

"Let's get the others," Piper muttered racing down the halls, After the war no one felt the need to patrol the halls anymore, It was safe and if a student decided to stay awake until 2 am then that was their choice but in saying that being late to class because you slept in got you a months worth of detention. Trust me, I know that first hand.

We chased after her and what seemed like an endless amount of stairs and halls we reached the Dining Hall. Everyone but Hermione, Ron and Will sat there. 

"Why isn't Hermione here? She was possed too. Wouldn't be better if we had her book as well?" I questioned, everyone looked down and Harry seemed to glow with anger.

"They are working with him. Ron and Hermione want revenge for what happened to Lavender and Fred. We can't get their help." Harry sounded heartbroken and I felt shocked. All this time I had thought that their friendship was unbreakable and yet here we are. I sat down and looked at the stars.

It was a lie. A spell and yet I don't think I've ever felt more at peace. Everything in the castle was hectic and no one fully understood what was happening and yet here it was. The fake sky, shining above us. I was still here when most things were not. It was unmoving. Solid. Something to lean on.

"So what do we do now?" I asked quietly, everyone looked at each other. It was going to be a long night.

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