Chapter 2: My Slutty Step Sister's Boyfriend (;

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My Slutty Step Sister's Boyfriend (;

Chapter 2

I woke up to my alarm clock full out blasting. I groaned as I tried to hit the snooze button but desperately failed. After a few amounts of hits, I finally got the damn thing to shut up. But before I could even go back to sleep, the covers were flung off of me and I was hit by the blinding rays of the sun as the person opened my dark black curtains.

I stumbled up on my bed so I could face the person who decided it was nice to wake me up at..., i look towards my alarm clock, at 5:00 in the morning. Geezus, that means I've only had about 5 hours of sleep. Great and this person should've known better that I'm cranky if I'm woken up anytime sooner before 6:30 on weekdays when we have school and 10:00 when it's the weekends or summer time. But it's not the fact that I'm woken up before 10:00 on this god awful Saturday, it's the fact that I've only had 5 hours of sleep because my damn sister Ashley and Kane were at it.

Gosh, just thinking of the things they were doing up all night makes me wanna puke and hit Kane for being such a man whore. And see I was absolutely right about him. He's a man whore who likes to sleep with girls and he just did with Ashley. Great! He slept with Ashley which means there's no chance me and him. Wait, hold up! Did I just really think. Psh, as if I ever had a chance in the first place. He likes girls like Ashley, blond, preppy, cheerleader, slut, non-virgin. Considering I'm non of those things, I can just kiss his ass goodbye. Haha that rhymed. Wait a minute why am I in bed thinking about Kane. Gosh, stop thinking about him. I curse at myself as I finally get a look at who woke me up.

The person standing in front of me, only made my mood dampen even more. Standing in front of me was of course Ashley in a skimpy nightgown. I raise one of my eyebrows in question. She rolls her eyes before speaking. "Gosh, finally your up. Get ready, we're going shopping," she tells me. I laugh out loud, a laugh filled with sarcasm and a bit of 'are you kidding me.' She growls as I continue to laugh. "Stop," she shouts. "No buts now, you, me, and Kane are going shopping so get off your lazy butt and get ready," she yells at me. I smirk and look at the clock again. Only 5:20. "It's only 5:20, the mall doesn't open till 9," I tell her as my angry mood finally hits me. "And why the hell did you wake me up right now," I shout at her. "To get ready and make yourself at least look pretty," she yells back. Gah! I get off my bed and grab her wrist before marching her over to my bedroom door, opening it and throwing her out before slamming and locking the door.

I breathe heavily as my anger subsides. Who does she think she is to come into my house first and then to take over it with her preppiness and now she's waking me up five hours earlier just so we can go to mall when the mall doesn't even open for another four hours. Gosh, I hate her so dang much. And I don't even like shopping. In fact I despise shopping. When I do go shopping it's with my dad or my best friend Richie and we spend about an hour top unlike Ashley who spends her whole day there. How can you not get tired of going to the same mall practically everyday and being there for 10 hours a day. It's just, ugh so boring.

Deciding I'm still tired enough, I fall back into my bed and under my covers trying to get my missing five hours of sleep until Ashley comes back pounding on my door.


Three hours later I wake up finally fully rested and blissful. I get off my bed, make it until it's nearly the perfection of beds and head on over to my bathroom to take a shower. Washing my hair, I'm engulfed in the scent of pomegranate and lemon verbena filling the bathroom. I breathe deeply as I wrap a towel around my body and than my hair. I open the door and walk out and almost immediately jump causing my towel to slide off a bit. I breathe heavily as I lean towards the door. Sitting on my bed is none other than Kane. I growl slightly as I catch my breath and stalk towards him. He's staring at me wide eyed. As if he's never seen a half naked girl before.

"What are you doing in my room and how'd you get in." Almost immediately as if he remembered where he was he smirked before replying.

"Your sister sent me in here to tell you we're leaving soon. And I picked the lock," he says. His eyes roam my body and I blush slightly as I finally come to the fact that I'm half naked with my step sister's hot boyfriend in my bedroom. "W..well can you g...get out of my so I can get ready," I slightly stutter as he stares at me with those piercing blue eyes.

"Sure," he almost whispers in a seductive voice before walking out. I collapse on my bed, almost dizzy at the thought of him seeing me like this. Gosh, shake it off. You can not be getting feelings for Kane and might I have to remind you he's your step sister's boyfriend.

Oh man!

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