~9~Dementor and Love~

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Jaden's pov

I was sitting in DADA class next to Draco,he scooted closer quietly when he needed anything. He stayed there and read with me.I rested my head on his shoulder while we were reading as my father kept going on about different subjects.I found myself and Draco asleep as we shot up when Seamus blew something up,we looked over and his face was stuck in a surprise emotion,Harry and Ron giggling at the table next to him. I rolled my eyes and kept reading as Draco got the hint and started writing down information. I was surprised that he actually wanted to work. But proud at least.

My father kept going on and yelling at Ron and Harry a few times,whacking them in the back of the head. He walked by every table and yelled at everybody.

''Finally a group worthy of not getting yelled at. 20 points to Slytherin.''Snape stopped at me and Draco silently high fived. Draco had changed a lot since the incident. Professer Sprout ran in,worried expressions filled the room as I tried to get a look of what was going on. She whispered in Snapes ear and Snape seemed in shock as he grabbed some things.

''Class Dismissed.''He announced and everybody ran out the door,me and Draco walking like normal people. But we weren't normal was the thing.

''Oh look,a potter,Halfblood,with a pureblood? Draco,man,come hang out with us!''Pansy and a few Slytherin stood in front of us,Draco stayed silent.

''you can go..--I don't mind.''i mumbled to him and he glanced down as I showed a fake smile and continued walking. I sighed and adjusted my bag on my shoulder as I saw a few pairs,couples,kissing and hugging and holding hands. I bit my lip and heard the taps of shoes running through the halls,Hermione,Ron,Harry all running as someone came from behind me and hugged me,i saw a wift of hair and I turned around.

''Draco? Why are you here,I told you,you could go with your friends.''I told him as he had a grin on his face.

''i wanted to be with you. ''he grinned and I blushed immediately as we walked,Harry,Ron,Hermione all joined us.

''Hey Guys!''Hermione greeted as Draco and I smiled as in hello.

''What have y'all been up to?''Harry asked as we all headed outside.

''Nothin' much really.''I shrugged.

''We were going to go watch the quidditch match,Hufflepuff against Ravenclaw?''Draco guessed since none of us had a game.

''Oh cool! Mind if we come? ''Hermione asked.

''Sure. I don't mind.''I replied as we went to sit together,since we were the only Gryffindors and Slytherins watching the game.

I sat by Draco,Harry and Hermione and Ron sat together. It started to thunder and rain a bit as we were getting wet,Hermione's   usually curly hair was straight,Rons read hair was darker,Harry's hair was sticking up in every direction,Draco's was messy and dampened from the rain of course,and mine was darker and kinda messy. We all laughed as Ron stood up to look and tripped over his own feet. He was even laughing.

''Ron,you goofball!''Hermione and Harry laughed and pulled him up as he was flushed a pink in embarrassment. We continued to watch the game,Hufflepuff had 50 and Ravenclaw only had 10. One Ravenclaw swirled around and fell off her broom. Another Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw were chasing after the snitch,we were guessing there seekers,and they bumped into eachother,the Hufflepuff seeker held on to his broom as he was dangling from it. We all gasped and was determined to see what would happen next,a fellow Hufflepuff tried helping him but ended up falling of his own broom. I mumbled something and he ended up back on his broom.

''mm...''Draco noticed and I hushed him. They continued playing as the rain fell harder and the sky became darker. There was a loud rumble of thunder and I squeaked,grabbing Draco's hand.

''Oooooo..''Hermione smirked and I buried my head into Draco's arm in embarrassment as Hermione and Draco laughed,Harry and Ron were standing and yelling. We all glanced over and saw a few dementors swirling the quidditch stands.

''They are supposed to be gone!''Ron exclaimed as we all stood.

''Draco,do you know?''We all glanced at him.

''Only thing I know is that they don't look happy..and it looks like they're starting trouble.''Draco pointed as we saw them messing with a few Ravenclaw and Hufflepuffs, a Hufflepuff was panicked and flew away,he wasn't paying attention like always and ran into a empty stand,it fell over and Hermione yelled.

''Expecto Patronum!''I waved my wand as a wolf came out of my wand,chasing a dementor.

''Expecto Patronum!''Harry flicked his wand as a stag appeared.

''Expecto Patronum!''Hermione waved her wand as a otter came out.

''Expecto Patronum!''Ron flicked his wand like Harry and a crup started chasing a dementor.

''Draco,don't you have a patronus?''Ron asked while focusing.

''n-no..''He mumbled.

~~A Bit Later~~

The dementors were chased off and we all collapsed,my head hurt like hell.

''my head..''I grumbled.

''we were doing it too long.''Hermione held her head.

''You okay?''Draco ran over as everyone sat up.

''y-yeah..''he held out his hand and I grabbed it,I stood up and Ron "accidentally" tripped Draco and we tumbled on top of eachother.

''Ron!''i squeaked and looked up at Draco on top of me as we were the color of the Weasley families hair.

''aww!''Hermione and Ron squealed and high fived eachother,Harry was too busy laughing.

''you all better be running--by the time we get up--''I threatened.

''you'll be dead!''draco finished as they all started running.

I looked into Draco's steamy grey eyes,the rain was landing softly.

''D-Draco..?''I stuttered.

''yeah..?''he gazed down. We both stayed silent as we enjoyed the silence.

''you know I lo--''his lips connected with mine and I kissed back,both of us blushing like crazy.

''WERES COLLIN CREEVY WHEN WE NEED EM!''Ron yelled from the ground and we both got up and started running down,chasing them. I loved my friends.

 I loved my friends

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