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So that's it, Saturate and, by extension, The Shadow Wars is over.

I hope it was worth the read.

After the chaos of writing The Blind War and Into the Void, I wanted, and probably needed, something a bit more straightforward. This was the mentality I went into Saturate with. I wanted the story to go back to basics: one protagonist, a few locations, a fairly clear-cut set of objectives to complete. Plus, a way to bring all the protagonists into the mix and give kind of an update on them, show them in action, and try to leave them off on a wrapped-up kind of note.

Well, sort of. The ending was kind of the opposite of that.

I spend a lot of time thinking about endings. Endings and openers are probably the most important parts of the story, mainly because I think that's where you make your impressions as a writer. Have a good opener to hook them, have a good ending to leave them with a good impression. That's what I've gleaned from some research done on the subject. And that makes sense.

So naturally, endings are important to me. And I'm not particularly good at them. But what I realized was that the kind of story I was writing, what I was going for with The Shadow Wars, couldn't really have an ending. Which was a point I wanted to make. There is no ending. Nothing ends. Sometimes characters end. Eventually they'll all end. But, in terms of a smaller scale, the galaxy will always have more threats, there's always going be some jackass out there threatening to fuck things up, and you have to keep going to maintain at least some semblance of peace.

And I think that's a good thing.

The nature of life and the human experience doesn't really account for 'endings' per say. Things can end, like lengthy relationships, decades-long jobs, your home. Those can end. And it can sure feel like a goddamned end, but the reality is, unless you're dead, well, you have to keep going somehow. More importantly, you will keep going, if only in the form of continued existence.

It's what you do with it that matters.

The idea that there's always going to be a job for him to do appeals to Greg in the same way the idea that there's always going to be another novel to write appeals to me.

And then there was that Revenant. I'm glad I got a chance to bring it back, and I hope no one skipped over Alone?, given the context of the creature. It was fun to write about, and pretty fun to give a hardcore send-off to.

I have to say that Saturate didn't really live up to my hopes for a few different reasons, but given where The Shadow Wars came out to in terms of quality (super hard to judge anyway), and story, and character arcs, and basically everything else...I guess it's an okay way to end it.

So now what?

Well, as of writing this Afterword in March of 2018, I have a lot of ideas, but not a whole lot of time. I hope that when I look back on this, my life will be more coherent and stable. For now, I have a few ideas I want to get written. Basically, they're stand-alone ideas set in the Shadow Wars universe.

DAWN'S WAR is a sort of novella-length thriller mystery set during the Systems Wars.

PURGATORY is a novella-length mystery-horror set an isolated outpost with an original cast of characters.

IT'S DARK HERE is a collection of Sci-Fi/Horror stories following an ancient alien artifact uncovered by Rogue Operations during The Shadow Wars. It will feature a few protagonists from the series.

These are the stories I hope to get written next.

I do have a few other ideas for series that take place in this universe featuring new characters, and I also have two more ideas for sequel series to The Shadow Wars. The first takes place ten years after the end of Saturate and features a brand new protagonist. It is seven novels long (as of writing this) and is a bit more character-driven. The second series takes place twenty years after the end of Saturate and will be significantly more epic, featuring a blend of new and old characters.

I have no idea when I'll get to either of these, but I'll certainly let everyone know.

And that's all I've got for now. Thank you very much for following along, I appreciate the support!

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