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[Last Name] was greeted with a huge smile when she picked up Mikasa from school.

"How was your first day of school?"

"It was amazing, Mommy! There's so many people to play with, and [Teacher's Name]-sensei is so nice!"

She buckled her into her carseat, and got back into the car. "Did you make any friends?"

"Um... noooo~"


"They really didn't talk to me."

[Last Name] thought it was strange that no one said anything, but it was only the first day. She was sure Mikasa would make some new friends tomorrow.

"Don't worry, sweetheart. You'll make friends soon."

um, hi. i kinda lost my motivation to write due to stress and i'm kinda still not in the mood to write but i'm using it to cope with my depression so here you guys go? lol


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