~*Chapter 16*~

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???'s POV

Ugh, can't wait until we get to that castle. All those girls' stupid stupid stupid magic, making them all giggle.

Another silly girl has their cyan magic flying around the back of the van.

All the girls are only able to make their magic it's original color. Only time it can change, is if their magic grows stronger.

All the girls' 'ooo's and 'aaa's were killing me, and I looked through the window of the front to see what was going on.

The cyan magic turned sea green, and my heart stopped.

No, impossible.

A user can't be growing stronger.

I watched as the sea green sparkles began to turn a color only one girl could possibly have, a prediction, only a single royal girl can have that color magic.


My fists clenched.

They told me she was dead, that it was useless, just to work with Raven Bones.

So I did.

I forgot who she was, I have no memories. But it can't be her, and I must stop this.

A flash of gold spun into the twirling thread of silver.

"I got you!" Kitty yelled.

Ugh Kitty. Her best friend. Poor Jess just couldn't trust her. From Jess's face, she didn't know who Kitty was.

The twirling mass shot toward a girl, and I broke through the wall to stop it.

No, I'm not letting this happen.

Kitty is trying to make it happen, so I will attempt to stop it.

I shot sky blue magic into the mix, and the girl looked surprised.

It hit the girl before I could reach her, remove my magic, stop it.

She was embraced in the light, and nobody could see her.

Light shot out of it, removing all the black magic from the van, and the others.

It began to swirl around her, and she looked at herself, changing into her true self.

Black magic seeped out of her bones, going into the bright magic, before disappearing.

Her skin became clearer, freckles more pronounced, cheeks slightly rosy pink, light eyebrows.

Her eyes closed as her hair whipped around her, becoming from the messy, hidden hair to the wavy, curly, bright red hair she had before.

Her black clothes transformed.

Her shirt flowed into a knee-length, pale pastel blue, glittering dress that was short sleeved, but off-the shoulders. With matching flats. A crown of pink, white, and blue flowers rested on her head.

The magic stopped, and disappeared.

Eyes still closed, she tilted her head up.

Her eyes slowly opened, noticing her surroundings.

Quickly looking down at her hands, she smiled when little trickles of silver flowed out of her hands.

Glancing at Kitty, she seemed to notice her for the first time.

Sparkling sea-green eyes, filled with life for the first time in two years.

Kitty and her looked at each other silently, silence filled the van.

Kitty became herself, along with everybody but Jess. No black magic for Jess, I guess.

Kitty's long brown hair became cleaner, smooth, shiny, blue eyes bright, pale skin bright as snow, freckles sprinkled like fairy dust.

Tears came to both girls' eyes, flowing down their faces. The girl grinned a large grin at Kitty, and the girls gasped.

She never smiled.

Kitty grinned a large, loving grin, as she stood up.

I watched as Kitty's mouth opened, to say a name, a name forgotten. A name I forgot. All I knew was that girl could be the girl I forgot, thus giving back my memories of her.


Say it, say it, say the name...

"Gem! Oh my gosh,Gem!" Kitty cried, embracing Gem in her arms.

The memories came back to my mind, flooding it like a tidal wave floods a city.



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