Chapter 40 | Fáolar's Gem

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Agent 34 slowly walked back to the Destigems' rooms, trying to comprehend what he had witnessed. The Zena was going into full-war mode, something that should've happened a while ago. That storm would bring on the apocalypse, and only one soldier here had witnessed it before and knew what it truly was like.

Agent 34 needed Calvin Evilslayer's help on training the members of the Zena. It was an obvious answer to a stupid question. Agent 34 would also need the help of Marque and Arenia, the other two Destigems.

Agent 34 slipped a hand into his pocket as he approached his room and felt a gem. He pulled it out and saw the green gem. Ismara's gem.

His eyes watered and he tossed it around his hands. Agent 34 walked away from his room and continued down the hallway, going to Fáolar's room. He had visited it a couple of times after Ismara was considered dead by the entire Zena. No one really knows what her fate was except for Braunick himself, and Agent 34 didn't know why he had never asked him. Braunick would have used that as a way to taunt his brother. 

Agent 34 reached the end of the hall and knocked on the door that was second to last on the left wall. The doorknob jiggled as it turned and the door fell backwards to reveal Fáolar, who wore a plain white tunic with chainmeal boots on. He had a scraggly beard growing and it was obvious he hadn't shaved in a while. His hair had begun to curl at the tips and he looked like he had been a little sleep-deprived.

"Hi, 34," Fáolar greeted him, his voice slightly deeper than normal. Agent 34 hid the green gem behind his back as he smiled and greeted the older man back. 

"Hi, Fáolar," Agent 34 said. "The Zena is preparing to evacuate. I'm sure you heard rumors going around that there was something coming that would send the country into chaos, and they are right. The Storm of Dark Energy is a storm that rains drops of pure evil, and if it ever comes in contact with anyone's skin, it can turn them evil. We don't know how to stop it. To make matters worse, Braunick is alive and more powerful than ever. We are preparing for a battle with him as well. The storm and him are most likely going to arrive at the same time, and the Zena is preparing boats to evacuate the women and children while the men fight. If we fail, we leave as well,"

Fáolar's expression never changed as he watched Agent 34 explain. "Braunick found the white gem, didn't he?"

Agent 34 nodded slowly as he remembered that it was Fáolar who hid the gems around Renya. Fáolar was the reason Braunick didn't have all of the gems this very moment, but Braunick got back at him by killing his daughter. It seemed like a cruel game between the two of them.

Fáolar sighed as he walked over to the back of his room and plopped down on the mattress that sat in the corner of his room. The blanket and sheets sitting on it bounced as his weight was put onto them and he picked up a picture frame that sat on his dresser. Agent 34 didn't see what picture was in it, but Fáolar stared at it with deeply saddened eyes as his finger brushed against the front of it. "Braunick has taken too much from us and we have hardly taken anything from him," He sat the picture back up on the dresser and turned it outwards and Agent 34 saw it was Ismara. "He doesn't even deserve to die anymore. Braunick deserves something far greater than death..."

Agent 34 pulled the green gem out from behind his back and extended his arm towards Fáolar. "Ismara's gem," he stated. "We thought you should have it,"

His mouth dropped open as tears began to sparkle in his eyes. "This...this proves it," Fáolar ignored the gem Agent 34 was holding out to him and burrowed his head in his arms. "She really is dead. The only way to remove a gem is by killing the user..." Fáolar silently cried.

"No," Agent 34 said. "Not anymore,"

Fáolar looked up at him with red puffy eyes.

"Gems can be removed," Agent 34 said. "by a cursebreaker. Gems are actually negative curses, which means they do opposite of what a curse should really do and help the user. Gems are actually curses and are fairly easy to remove," 

"Then," Fáolar looked out the open door to his room. "You found Ismara?" His face beamed with joy as he used the side of his hand to rub off a tear that ran down his cheek.

"No," He replied back to Fáolar. "We found Agent X," 

Fáolar threw his head into his arms again and silently weeped. "My daughter is dead! Braunick took too much! He went too f-far!"

Agent 34 plopped himself beside Fáolar. "We can only hope she's alive. If she is, we can find out the next time we meet Braunick. He wouldn't hide this stuff from us. He would use it against us,"

Fáolar grabbed the green gem after a brief moment of silence. He tossed it between his fingers but didn't break it. He sat it on his dresser instead. "I do not want the gems power. However, if I ever need it I'll use it then. Thank you, 34,"

Agent 34 smiled and nodded at Fáolar, then slowly left the room and began to prepare for war.

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