chapter 6

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Kimiko pov

I grabbed toshi's hand and pulled him all the way to the living room. Where all the others were waiting to see if we got a new member.

"Hey guys we got a new member yay. I'm so excited." I screamed

"Its about time. What took ya so long,un?" dei-dei said

"What ya have to beg leader-sama or something?" Fishstick said

"err...uhh...ehhh...well hehehe umm-" I mumbled itachi sighed loudly

"You did, didn't you?" he said the calmest voice.

"heh nice one shorty I taught you well." fishstick said I smirk and shoved a piece sign in his blue face.

"yup you know it fishstick-sensai." I said while grin. A dark aura was forming all around him. I ran behind itachi-Nii-San for safety.

"grrr I told you not to call me that I'm not a fish I'm a shark alright!" he screamed I burst out laughing followed by Toshi, Deidara, Hiden, and Tobi.

"hahah kisame is still a fishy and Tobi is a good boy!" Tobi laughed wait When did Tobi get here. I didn't see him walk in.

Kisame kept growling and sat down on the couch. Hiden went back to play his Xbox and threading to sacrifice it to jashin. Tobi went to annoy Deidara. Which left Itachi, Toshi, and me standing behind the couch awkwardly. Well it was awkward for Toshi I guess but not me.

"Kimiko who is this? I don't think we had introductions yet." Itach asked in a soft voice with a sweet smile. I smiled back. I was wait for someone to ask that.

"Oh this Toshiro tenshi . He was my teammate an best friend in my village along with Miku Chou. They were my only friends." I said sadly

Itach pov

"Oh this Toshiro tenshi. He was my teammate and best friend in my village along with Miku Chou. They were my only friends." she said sadly

"If I remember right the Chou family was the closest to the sekki clan. In fact i think they were once a part of the sekki clan." I said

Tenshi means angel, I remember that clan was suppose to protect the sekki heir and the head family at all cost. That's what Hisato told me. So this girls parents were from the head family.

"Yeah that's correct they were very close but I don't know if they were part of the sekki clan. If they are the village has forbidden anyone from talking about it." Toshiro eyed me

"Ah and isn't the tenshi clan supposed to protect the head family and the heir to the clan with their lives. That's what I've heard anyway." i told him he snarled at me

"Who are anyway and how do you know so much about our village?" Toshiro Growled

"That is for me to know and for you to never find out." I snapped at him. We had a stare down.

"Guys, Guys calmed down! Itachi-nii stop glaring at him. He did nothing wrong. And Toshi this is Itachi Uchiha. Last Uchiha along with his little brother and I guess Miku but she doesn't count. Well maybe she does or maybe its me since I have sharingun. Ugh this is so confusing. Whatever I don't care if I am Uchiha or not. For that matter i don't really care if Miku is or not." Kimiko rambled on

"Ok well nice to meet you Toshiro. Hope we can get along better in the future." I said emotionless

"Yay thats better Itachi-Nii." Kimiko said as pain-sama walked in. Everyone except Hidan stopped what they were doing to look at him.

"I see you all have met the newest member. Why don't we introduce our self. Toshiro how about you first?" he said

"ya sure. I'm Toshiro." Toshiro said

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