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Chapter 1- They're Alive

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The Potters Return

Chapter 1- They're alive

It was a beautiful day on the morning of May second 1998. The sun was shinning and birds were chirping. A particular bird was singing in the cemetery of Godrics Hallow. The beautiful melody of a Phoenix spread joy throughout the entire village. Letting everyone know that the terror that they had been living through was gone and over.

The Phoenix song sounded as if it could raise people from the dead. In this time of triumph it was true, especially for one couple who had been dead for almost seventeen years.

The beautiful Phoenix was perched on the head stones of Lily and James Potter.  His song was working his way through the ground and into a pair of once still hearts. The melody found its way through their bodies and into their hearts. They lifted out of the ground and were layed simply on top of the sweet grass.

Even death hadn't been able to separate these two. As they lay there with their hands still connected, they each sucked in a breath of shock. Both pairs of eyes snapped open and they stared at each other in wonder. A look of wonder slowly spread over their faces as they realized what had happened.

The prophecy had come true. 

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