Nine – "The World Has Changed, So I Need To."

I know you. I've seen into Sammy's head. You're the girl who burned on the ceiling, just like his mommy. Oh, he can't believe you're alive. You should hear and see the look on his face! Oh, wait, you can't.

Jessica cringed away from the voice in her head. The voice that sounded like 100% Sam Winchester, but not. That wasn't him talking back in Elvinsboro, it was the demon who possessed him. He almost used Sam's body to kill her. She'd almost lost consciousness had it not been for Meg saving her at the last second.

She'd have to thank the demon.

Just as the trip from the bunker to Elvinsboro was long, the trip back was just as grueling. The four women, more so the three human women, felt deflated and defeated. They'd found Sam and Dean all right, just not in the condition they were hoping them to be in. Jessica was definitely not expecting the Winchesters to be possessed.

When the Impala finally rolled up to their destination, the four women exited. Jessica felt numb as she entered the rather warm bunker. She nearly fell down the stairs that led to the war room, she hadn't been paying attention.

"Cas?" Charlie called. "Cas, you here?"

From one of the hallways, the angel in a trenchcoat appeared. His face seemed permanently etched into that concerned look.

"I'm sorry, I was banished from the fight," Cas explained. His eyes fell onto Jo, who was swaying on the spot. "What happened to her?"

"She had a knife through the shoulder, just a flesh wound," Meg explained. Jessica shot the demon a blank look.

Cas went to Jo, covering her wound with his hand. A small white light flashed, and Jo's color looked much improved. She gave Cas a thankful smile, but Jessica noticed that smile disappear awful fast.

"Did you find Sam and Dean?" Cas asked.

"Um, we did," Charlie said, avoiding eye contact with him, "but we've run into a slight hitch. They're possessed, Cas."

"Impossible. They have anti-possession tattoos, I've seen them."

"Well, whoever abducted them must've removed them," said Meg. "And I can't imagine that it was all sunshine and rainbows."

Jessica winced. Tattoo removal in itself sounded painful, but by something that's not human? I'll bet they hurt Sam and Dean. They may look healed because of the demons. She remembered the black eyes Sam had sported. They weren't his.

That wasn't Sam. It wasn't my Sam. She missed her Sam in Heaven, currently. He wasn't ravaged by time and experience, he looked like he had hope in his eyes. The Sam Jessica had just seen was not the one she configured in her heaven.

"Good news is we got Baby," said Charlie, meaning the Impala. "She took some bullets, though. Maybe that'll piss Dean off to fight the demon in him."

"That's a longshot," Jo murmured.

Cas still looked at the women in disbelief. "And you're sure they were possessed?"

"The demon used Dean to use me as target practice." Jo rolled her shoulder. "Thank you, by the way, for that."

"We have to give them their bodies back," Charlie said strongly. "Cas, do you know the exorcism by heart?"

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