Eight – Crap to Infinity and Beyond Crap


That's not Dean. Then that means...

Charlie watched in horror as Jo went down with a knife in her shoulder. In that same second, Sam and Dean Winchesters' eyes flicked black.

Oh no. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap to infinity and beyond crap.

Somehow, demons had infiltrated the Winchester brothers. They were riding inside, posing as the hunting duo.

"No..." Charlie heard Jessica whimper.

As the Winchesters stalked, Meg jumped in front of Jo. Thinking on her feet, Charlie flung open the Impala's driver door. If I can hotwire the car, we can get out of here. It was too far of a trek to make it back to the car Cas had stolen for the women, and by that time, they could very well be dead.

Cas. The demons banished Cas. If Charlie didn't feel scared before, she definitely did now. It was bordering shitting her pants territory. Demons possessed two men who she thought as brothers. They were using their bodies to try and murder the four women.

"Meg, what are you doing?" Jessica croaked. Charlie could hear fighting noises.

"Don't just freeze on me, Bambi. Fight!" Meg shouted.

The fight noises, the bodies being thrown against the Impala, jarring it, did not help Charlie's headache any. It only heightened the pressure on her to hotwire the car. Come on, Charlie. You got this. You got this. Her fingers fumbled uncontrollably, but somehow even through that, she was making progress.

"Charlie, hurry!" Jo called. Charlie glanced from the window to see Jo had ripped out the blade from her shoulder, and she and Meg were teaming up on Dean—or Not Dean—and Jessica was trying to plead with Not Sam.

Even Charlie knew that was a dumb idea on Jessica's part.

Just as Charlie was about to connect the two wires to hear the purr of the engine, she felt a strong hand grab the back of her shirt and try and pull her away. But the grab was interrupted, and Charlie fell onto the driver seat. Jo had tackled Not Dean.

Diversions. They're doing their part, I have to do mine.

When the two wires connected, Charlie felt a sigh of relief held in her lungs.

"Get in!" she ordered, slamming the door shut the second she got in.

Jo rounded around the front of the Impala, and in the rearview mirror, Charlie watched Meg get Jessica out of Not Sam's death-like grip on her throat. Meg flung open the back door, tossing Jessica across the backseat.

"Gun it, Weasley!" Meg said.

Charlie tore down the road, nicking Not Dean on her way. She pulled a U-turn, flying past their old getaway car. She could hear Jessica and Meg jostling around the backseat.

Jessica screamed, and Charlie ducked, as she heard bullets pierce the back window of the Impala. Her hands began to shake on the wheel, and her driving leg began to tremor violently. Keep it together, just get out of town. They can't track us. They can't track us.

"T-that wasn't Sam and Dean," Jessica sputtered. From the mirror, Charlie saw Jessica looking out the bullet-ridden back window.

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