Seven - Elvinsboro, North Carolina

Once the group of five had all that they thought they would need, they left the bunker in Kansas for the little town of Elvinsboro, North Carolina.

The drive was nowhere near short, being almost a full day's worth of driving, and that was excluding any stops that were needed along the way. But the group of five managed it just fine. At night, the human women slept while Meg and Castiel would drive, as the angel and demon didn't need sleep.

The driver rotation was currently Meg in the driver's seat, with Jo passed out in the front passenger. Charlie was squished between Cas and Jessica in the backseat.

As morning started to bloom, Jo woke up with crusty eyes. Gross. She rubbed the goop out from them, noticing how fast the car was moving. She glared over at the speedometer; Meg was flooring the gas. Any cop who gave a damn would surely pull them over.

"We're still two hours out from Elvinsboro," Meg reported, eyes glued to the road. "Don't worry, I'll make sure we stop somewhere so you don't starve. Can't work a job when your stomach wants to eat itself."

As if she would know that feeling.

Jo sat up in the seat, feeling how stiff her neck was. Her arm held a red mark, too, from being propped against the car window. How was I even comfortable? She cracked her neck, which only made the pain worse.

"If we're up against demons, can you sense them?" Jo asked.

"I'm not a radar," Meg snorted. "That's more of a witch's power than a demon's. If others are close by, sure, but I couldn't tell you when we're two hours out of town."

Jo shrugged. "Just thought I'd ask."

Meg tapped her thumb against the steering wheel. "You seem to be civil this morning, or is it because you're not awake yet?"

Jo looked out the window. "I think you and I can agree as much as we hate each other, we need to play nice to save Sam and Dean."

"So once this treaty is null and void, we can go back to fighting like cats and dogs? I wouldn't have it any other way, G.I. Jane. I won't give you a head-start if you don't give me one."

Jo was almost tempted to smile. Almost. I can't be talking to a demon without threatening her life like this. What is happening to me? "Why did Cas bring you back?"

Meg looked into the mirror above her. "Why don't you ask him yourself?"

"He seems to be in his own world." As Jo looked over her shoulder, Cas seemed to some sort of buffer mode. He had a thousand-yard-stare of concentration.

"He's probably trying his extra Spidey-sense to find the knuckleheads. Not that it'll get him anywhere since it hasn't worked before." The demon huffed. "I don't get why he's so persistent."

"You wouldn't know what it's like to have people to care about," Jo said curtly. "All you know is hatred for hunters and mankind. You terrorize people for fun."

"Aw, how sweet. You get me," Meg said in a faux sweet tone.

The rest of the two hour drive involved Castiel with his continuous fixed stare into space, Jessica and Charlie sleeping, and Meg and Jo with the rise and fall of conversation/arguing up front.

Once the car rolled into Elvinsboro, Jo felt a weird vibe crawl through her skin. This felt familiar, like the last time she had rolled into a small town. There weren't any people upon initial arrival. It looked...deserted.

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