The Destiny of the Scarlet Chapter 5

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"Bianca!" the prince's voice boomed from behind me. A small girl in a french maid's outfit and heel's ran quickly out of the house.

She bowed her head and put a fist to her chest, "Yes, My Lord." take this Slave to my Chambers to not talk to her. Understand?"

"Yes my Lord."

"Slave." He said to me. I turned to face him. "Do not under any circumstances leave the room. If you do there will be punishment. Bianca leave my presence."

"Yes my Lord." I turned to follow Bianca. We walked up four flights of stairs before we made it to a set of black french doors.

She pushed them both open. The room was amazing. There was a king size black four post bed with blood red sheets and pillows. The carpet was black and the dressers were white.

Bianca pointed to a small white chair in the corner of the room next to the bed. "Sit." she said in a monotone voice. I went over to the chair and sat.

She turned around and left the room. I looked down at the rose on my arm I twas fading, but not enough for someone to tell.

"OK I need to think." I said to myself. How in the hell am I meant to get out of here. I remember what the so call prince said about punishment, but at this point I didn't care. If I was going to die I wasn't going to die here without trying to escape.

I stood and strode towards the doors I cracked one open . I looked on both sides the hallways were clear. I opened the doors wider and stepped out. I remembered the way we came up. I turned right and started to sprint down the hallway to the steps.

I tripped a few time but I made it all the way down. The door was right in front of me. I reached for the handle. Then I was flying, then punched in to a wall. My head hit it hard and slid down the wall.

"What did I tell you about trying to escape?" he squatted down, "I said you would not get away and yet you do not listen. You will have your punishment."

I was swept off my feet and was put in a chair. My wrists were clasped to the arms of the chair my feet the same. A bright white light flickered on. I looked around. Lined on the walls were many whips knives and other sharp objects. This person was insane.

He looked at the walls tapping his chin. He picked a whip first. Pain exploded through the side of my face. I screamed so loud it could bust an ear drum.

"Shut up!"His voice boomed, "Continue screaming and the punishment will be more severe."he threatened.

I shut my mouth. He went on for what seemed like hours whipping me. Then he started cutting me all over. One thing I seemed to notice was that he didn't touch the black rose on my arm. Maybe he missed it.

He cut again then placed everything back on the walls. He stalked over to me, "Now slave you won't try to escape again will you?" he voice sounded sickly sweet.

"Yes sir." I managed to choke out.

"Good. Because if you do then I will take your mother, brother, and friend here and kill them slowly and painfully in front of you. I'll make sure that it will go on for hours on end with you tied right here to this chair unable to do anything. Understand?" He said to me so calmly that it scared me.

"Yes sir."

He undid the clasps. Went over to the walls and grabbed a vile. He brought it over to me. "Drink."

I smelled it. It was smelled like metal. Blood. I sure as hell was not going to drink that. I kept my mouth closed. "Drink it!" he boomed, "Or punishment will continue on and I will not give this to you."

I opened my mouth and it slid in easily. The taste was horrible. It tasted like metal. Once it went down I started coughing and gagging. "You should be fine for now."

He smashed the vile on the floor. I didn't enjoy drinking the blood but it made me feel amazing.

"Bianca! Take her to my chambers tell her all instruction on the way the place is run."

he boomed into the air.

He exited the room after that leaving me untied. I wonder why. Then again I wouldn't try to escape again. I'm not an idiot.


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