Six - Travel Plans

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Six – Travel Plans

"So you mean to tell us after one dream you think that's our lead?" Meg drawled, eyes narrowed at Jessica.

The group of four women, and Castiel, were gathered in the war room of the bunker. Jessica had assembled the group, with unknown reasons until just now.

Meg wasn't sure about the rest—she truly, honestly did not care about what they thought—but she wasn't buying into this.

"Some of it was very detailed," Jessica insisted. Charlie was at the table in the room, having found one of the Winchesters' laptops, and was researching the town Jessica had given: Elvinsboro.

"It could have easily been a nightmare."

"Or it might be a sign."

"Or a trap," said Jo. "What if Elvinsboro is where this thing wants us to go? What if they've caught on?"

"I don't think they know that we don't know who they are," said Jessica, folding her arms.

"If you had someone sniffing your trail, whether or not they knew your identity, you'd want to get them off your ass pretty quickly," said Meg. It was something she would most certainly do. She'd toy with her enemies first before finishing them off. It was a personal pastime of hers.

"Well, it looks like Elvinsboro is a real place," Charlie confirmed. The group hovered over the redhead's shoulder. "Population is mega small, so a town where everyone knows everyone and outsiders are quickly noticed."

"Anything up our alley?" asked Jo.

Charlie scrolled through the webpage. "Not that I can see. Jess, was it just one figure in the dream?"

"Just the one. Female, with an accent. She was only hurting Sam, I didn't see Dean anywhere."

"See? She had a nightmare about the love of her life," Meg said dramatically, rolling her eyes. "This means nothing to us."

"It does, this town is real," Charlie said. "It's worth a look."

"I never told you about my connection to Sam," Jessica snapped to Meg.

"You didn't, but I heard G.I. Jane ask you about it. Good hearing." Meg tapped her ears.

"We need to go together," said Charlie. "Cas, you want in?"

"He's their puppy dog, of course he'll want to go."

"I can speak for myself," said the only male in the room. "But yes, I'm in."

"Okay, so, how to do we prepare for this busted road trip?" Meg asked the others.

"We don't have an arsenal in the car like the boys, but there's plenty of stuff around we can use," said Charlie.

"How soon can we get this show on the road?" asked Jo.

"If we assemble all that we think we'll need, a few hours tops."

Charlie remained stationed at the laptop to get coordinates to Elvinsboro, Cas and the other three women searched the rooms for weapons to use. The four broke into groups of two, Cas with Meg, and Jo with Jessica. Meg was secretly glad it was Castiel who was following her and not the hunter, Jo. Without supervision and the right amount of verbal gunpowder, shit and blood could hit the fan.

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