Chapter 30 - Unattainable

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Dust POV

Nightmare froze up. In his eyes were shallow depths I wasn't used to, they seemed full of pain and darkness. I reached over slowly and picked up a match, lighting it. I held it to a small wax candle, the flicker of fiery flames filling the dim room with orange light. Nightmare suddenly jolted, collapsing in on himself and shaking rapidly.

What made it more terrifying for me was the fact there were no tears. Only those empty, hollow eyes. I placed a hand on his back, feeling a tear slip down my cheek. I opened my mouth, but no words came out.
"He loved you so, so much," I could hear my voice shake, but I kept talking. "And he still loves you. He still loves you as much as he did then. He'd love you to the end of time and further then that, to the jagged cliffs and over the edge, to the b-bottom of the oceans and d-deeper into the e-e-earth..." I trailed off, holding in many tears. "A-And I know you'll a-always love him b-b-back, and the best thing we can do is to go and c-confront Cross and d-deal with H-Horror... then we'll both have t-time to grieve..."
"L-Leave me be, D-Dust..." Nightmare's voice was a hoarse whisper. It was cracked with pain.
"I said, LEAVE ME BE!" his voice broke and he started sobbing again. I flinched, but nodded and left the room. I had to deal with Cross now. That murderer better be prepared...

Cross Chara POV

The Fox has killed the chicken. The pieces are in place.

The mouse will come to visit soon, and with it comes it's protector, the watchful Owl, with an eye of blazing red. The hawk still cries over the dead chicken. It's watchful eye has been closed with tears, and with that, it is time, for I, the wolf, to strike.

I ran my ghostly white palm over the small yellow flower, taking in every golden detail before moving on. So this is the famous anomaly.... The clearing was serene, almost unaware of the havoc twisting around it like a cruel flame. The ground broke into nothing a few feet from me, where a raging, silent hurricane-like body spun and clutched at it menacingly like long, thin tendrils, reaching for the little island. It was silent, then. I sighed and rose from the ground, summoning my huge, glittering knife. I plunged it into the ground. This is the only way. The only way to end this all, this twisted, twisted world, so very cruel and insane. I'll end it.
I'll end it.

I didn't feel anything and I wedged the knife into the ground. I hadn't felt anything in a long time. Nothing but white numbness and pain.

And then, the world s p l i     t]~{$>]<¥{¥<¥9393>3{¥]¥¥9~>9¥¥]¥{¥>¥9¥>¥9¥>¥93>¥{¥>¥{¥]¥{¥]¥9~]9¥838383392982929292]2]{3{2]2{282{{2{{{{€{}}€{€{€{€{{€{€{€{€{$}${¥>|{¥>¥$>|{$>|{>$}$0>$>|${>${$>$9$$>>$}${$>${$$9$992{2{2{${{${${{${${${>2>$>$>$>>$$>$>$gone.

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