The Day It All Fell Apart

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Lauren stood at her kitchen sink, scrolling through Instagram. She was supposed to be making dinner but she'd just received several frantic direct messages asking her if she'd heard anything from Mikayla of the famous Instagram account: BriarRoseFarm.

But Lauren hadn't heard anything. And now she was getting worried.

Memories of her friendship with Mikayla flashed across her mind: Mikayla at the Mom.0 Blogging Conference giggling with her in their hotel room as they compared notes before their big keynote speeches. Mikayla Skyping her at 4am when they'd both had sick babies and were up anyway. Mikayla presenting her with the Million Pageviews Award at last year's banquet for Forbes' Top 10 Internet Influencers.

But something had gone terribly wrong in the past few weeks.

Lauren felt sick to her stomach remembering it.

She'd tried so hard to resist Dex. But Mikayla's husband was relentless. 

"My marriage to Mikayla has been dead for years," he told her. "We just haven't buried it yet."

Lauren knew she was stupid to believe him and even stupider to believe she wouldn't fall for him. 

That was five weeks ago. That was before Mikayla went missing. 

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