Five – Chasing Leads

"I was on the right track," said Castiel once he was conscious. "This is proof."

"Are you gonna be okay?" asked Jessica. Charlie had run off to fetch Meg and Jo, so she opted to stay behind with Castiel.

"I'll heal, but it'll take some time." The angel grunted.

"What kind of lead were you chasing?"

"Sulfur trails. Demons leave it behind."

"You think demons took Sam and Dean?"

"I'm surer about it now that I got attacked."

"Well, you are a natural enemy of demons, of course they'd go after you," came Meg's snarky voice as she and Jo came into the room behind Charlie. "My, my, how horrible you look, Clarence."

"No, this was different," Castiel insisted, remaining on the cot Charlie and Jessica hauled him onto. It hadn't been a fun time for the two women. "They knew I was onto something, it's why they attacked."

"Okay, so, what's our next move?" asked Jo.

"Wait a second," said Charlie. "Cas, we were ambushed by demons, too. We've got a live one in the dungeon right now, but we're not getting a damn thing from him."

"Not much at least," said Meg. "He works for some lady, but he won't spill what she is or who she is. Won't even describe her."

"And your interrogation methods aren't working?" the angel asked.

"No, genius, they aren't."

"Perhaps I could try."

"Not like this you aren't," Jessica insisted to the angel. "You need to rest, if angels even can do that. Let us handle the demon."

"You mean let the demon and hunter do the work," said Meg. "You can sit back and go paint your nails or something."

"I was brought here for a reason."

"To what? Bitch and be scared of every monster you meet?" The female demon scoffed. "Nice choice to bring back from the dead, Castiel. The girl can't handle her own."

"I can!"

"Really? 'Cause that's not what I saw back in our motel room. The hunter, redhead, and I contributed. What did you do?"

"Guys," Charlie groaned. "Enough." She looked to Castiel. "Jessica is right. Stay here and rest for a bit. Let us take the wheel on this. When we figure out something, we'll loop you in."

The angel looked reluctant, but he didn't protest. They all left his room, except Jessica, who lingered. He noticed her presence.

"What is it?"

"Why did you pick me, Castiel, of all people? Meg lives in this world, Charlie has experience, and Jo did this for a living. Or, I guess she does, since, you know, you brought her back. All I am is just Sam's ex-girlfriend from college."

"You were taken too soon, Jessica, by unfortunate events. If the world played out differently, I'd like to think you would've adapted to what you're experiencing now."

"According to Meg, I'm not adapting well."

"Meg is...rough around the edges. Her attitude is her first line of offense and defense. Don't let her get the better of you. You have your own strength, Jessica."

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