The Story

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I sighed and looked around the market place of Eldrian Town, which was an important agriculture town of the Regnault Kingdom

"Selling a healthy cow for two silver coins!" I yelled out loud, but nobody heard me. Everywhere, merchants sold their products while I was trying to sell my cow. I scratched my dirty brown hair and looked around again.

My name is Jack Cracker. I have my mom's black eyes, and my dad's brown hair. I only lived with my mom because my dad died in the Dragon Invasion when I was only one. And thanks to that, I have to work too.

"Hey, there!" someone yelled at me.

I looked toward the direction where the voice came from and saw a man wearing a really long and old looking brown robe. I couldn't see his face, but from his voice, I knew he was really old.

"Hello," I greeted him. "Do you want to buy my cow?"

"Well, not buying your cow," he said. "I want to exchange your cow with this." He extended his hand.

I looked at it and laughed. "You want me to exchange my cow with that?!"

In the old man's hand, was a rusty silver staff. It looked like an icicle, that rolled in the dirt.

"Yes," he said. "And I won't take no for an answer." Then he clapped two times. With a brilliant light, the old man and my cow were suddenly gone. Vanished. Disappeared.

Other people, who were buying or selling around me, gasped out loud, including some guards when they saw what had just happened.

I trudged toward my house. I was holding the rusty silver staff in one hand while staring at the skies.

"Hope and Harmony," I grumbled. "I was just robbed by an old mage or whoever he was and got only this rusted silver staff! Great, just great."

I entered my house and explained what had happened at the market place, how I lose the cow which I've taken good care of for few months, and how I got this staff.

". . . the old mage, or whoever, left this staff when he teleported away with my cow," I finished.

My mom shrieked at me for half a minute and stopped when she finally understood that I couldn't have stopped the misfortune from happening no matter what. But she threw the staff out of the window anyway.

That night, I looked out from my bedroom window and saw the staff glowing on the grassy ground. I jumped out of the window and landed on the ground with a loud Crunch! (the last part was just a joke)

I grabbed the staff from the ground and suddenly felt that the staff was tugging at me toward a northern direction. I looked back at my bedroom window. Then I looked at the staff again. With a really long yawn, I started to walk toward the direction where the staff wat tugging me to.

I walked and walked for a few minutes. Then I entered the northern woods of Eldrian town. I started to feel uneasy. What am I doing? I thought. I should be in bed! But I ignored my thought and just kept on walking straight. I tried to go back to my house, but I couldn't. I didn't know what was happening. It was like I was being controlled like a puppet on the stage or something!

After walking a few more minutes, I reached a clearing, and a rock was planted into the ground. The staff tugged me to the rock. I stumbled into the clearing and almost tripped on it. Then I felt the staff tugging me to the rock again. That's when I saw the little hole in the rock.

Apparently, the staff was tugging itself to the hole in the rock. Without thinking, I put the staff into the hole. Before I knew what the heck just happened, the ground started to shake.

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