Chapter Seven, Queen of Fire and Ice

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"What a load of old tosh." GreatJon Umber dismissed with a wave of his hand as he made to stand from his seat only for his head to be yanked back and a dagger held to his throat by Sir Arthur Dayne. "I would not dismiss My Graces visions so callously especially in her or any of those closest to her presence. If you thought I was good with two swords you do not want to see Her Grace use them Umber." Sir Arthur hissed as he shoved Umber forward into his chair before retuning to his position. "That is the second time you have spoken out of turn Lord Umber." Robb hissed as he stood from his chair.

"The first time I let slide as it was about myself. But to treat my wife, Your Lady as such that is the mark of treason especially when you dismiss her about my children, my three unborn daughters. Next time you do as such you will lose more than two fingers from my wolf." Robb warned with a pointed look towards the wolves and dragons that looked like they wanted to eat him, to Prince Oberyn, his three daughters and paramour, and his party to the four Queens guard standing behind them all with a hand on their weapons. "I apologise My Lady and My Lord it was wrong of me to speak out of turn." Lord Umber apologised as he sat back in his chair and said no more.

"Don't worry cousin we won't let anything happen to you or your daughters or your husband." Her sweet little cousin Nym spoke reaching across the table to rest her hand on her cousins. "Thank you cousin." Morgana smiled at her cousin. "But if the Lannisters want war, than we'll give them a war they will never forget." Morgana hissed her eyes glowing. "For they have woken the dragon."
"What do you have planned dear niece?" Ellaria asked her niece from beside Oberyn and their daughters a smirk spreading across her face.
"I am not only a Targarayn but also a Stark and I will protect my family. I have written to my Great Uncle Aemon on the Wall and he is going to get Jon ready for we will need a King"

"Hold on." Roose Bolton interrupted. "You're going to claim Ned's bastard as King?"
"He is not my father's bastard." Robb interrupted. "He is Morgana's older half brother. He is the son of Lyanna Stark, my aunt and Rhaegar Targarayn. His real name is Aegon. And before you rudely interrupted my wife she would have told you that her uncle is going to prepare him to become King with the help of Commander Morment."
"Being the legitimate King Targarayn Jon will be able to help the Wall in getting more people to the Nights Watch, if we are going to defeat the army of the Dead that will be soon coming.

Robb and I will write to the noble houses that were once loyal to Targarayn to get them to fight with us. Get them to prepare for war, for the Lannisters will regret the day they turned against the Stark's for we shall becoming for them with Fire and Blood and they will soon know why Winter is Coming." Morgana enthused shocking most into a stunned silence. Before anymore could be said there was a knock on the door Maester Luwin's voice calling through the door. "My Lord, My Lady sorry to interrupt but a letter has come for you both and a chest for Lady Morgana."
"Enter." Robb called. "Who are they from?"

"They are from My Lady's aunt and uncle across the sea." Maester Luwin replied as he entered the room with two guards carrying the rather large chest into the room. Morgana's eyes snapped to the chest much like they did the day after her wedding, getting graciously to her feet she rushed over to the chest the two guards were holding and threw open the lid. "What is it Ana?" Bran asked curiously rushing to her side when she did not answer him. He gasped when he saw three dragon eggs nestled amounts layers of silk, one green, one red and orange and one pure black.

"Dear niece what is it?" Oberyn asked concerned when she still did not answer he was just getting to his feet when Morgana suddenly turned around her eyes vacant as she headed towards the nearest fireplace and three dragon eggs floating behind her causing whispers to spread amongst those gathered. Eyes immediately turned to Robb for answers as it appeared the Lady Morgana would not be answering anyone anytime soon. "Just watch." Was all Robb said grumbles were heard especially from Bran who was bouncing in the spot excited he'd get to see three more dragons hatch.

"My Lady." Lord Umber gasped when she placed the eggs into the roaring fire with her bare hands he and Prince Oberyn rushed over to her only to see her hands were fine not a single burn on them. They were further thrown into shock when she pulled a dagger hidden in her boot and sliced her palm letting the blood drip on to the three eggs before she sat back and watched as the eggs cracked and three dragons tumbled back out of the fire. Only then did she come out of her reverie and heal her hand as the dragons came and perched themselves on her arms as she stood facing everyone within the room as three baby dragons perched on her and three large dragons and two direwolves stood around her looking the very picture of the Queen of Ice and Fire.

"Are you alright Your Grace?" Sir Barristan asked concerned for he'd never seen such an experience before. Morgana smiled kindly at her Knight and Maester Luwin who came over to check on her hand a bandage in hand, ready, only to find her hand fully healed not a mark on her. "I'm fine Sir Barristan, thank you." She smiled at her shocked uncle and the Lords and Ladies in the room as she made her way back to Robb who embraced her holding her close, kissing her forehead and anywhere he could reach. "What did they say?" Morgana asked in regards to the letter.

"That they could not get the dragons to hatch no matter how hard they tried and wished you to have them as a reminder that they and Khal Drogo's Khalassar are behind us and they will cross the narrow sea if we need them to." Robb told her. There was silence in the room as everyone tried to digest all that had happened that afternoon. Their Liege Lady was the Mother of Dragons and had not hatched three dragons but six. She could get direwolves the most temperamental creatures to listen to her as much as they listen to their Liege Lord Robb, she was the perfect balance of Fire and Ice and they knew then without much doubt from some when the time came they'd found their King and Queen in the North.

What should the new dragons be called? And what should the triplets be called? Thank you for the reader who gave me inspiration on the prophecy.

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