Chapter Nine

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Annabelle's POV

What the hell happened? Was the first thought when I came to from passing out. Why had I passed out again?

I frowned and squinted my eyes as a dull ache appeared behind my eyes. It was no longer light out but a bed side lamp had been left on beside the bed that I was sleeping on. I panicked for a second, not knowing where I was but as I started to take in more of my surroundings I started to recognise the room as Jax's. Had something happened to him earlier? I have the weirdest feeling that something happened with him last night.

I frowned again and rubbed my forehead as the concentration was causing my head to get worse.

I went to get up and try to find Jax but froze when I started to hear muffled voices from behind the door.

"But why would her wolf do that to her?" I recognised that voice as Jax's but what was he on about my wolf?

"I don't know Alpha, my guess is that seeing you in your other form triggered her wolf somehow. I will have to do some research on this type of Alpha control but my guess is when she left the packs territory the command is having less and less effect on her. Then seeing her mate for the first time, her wolf must've been trying to escape but the human side of her is still subconsciously following the rules."

"Well how do we break the command?" Jax growled, the sound feeling like it could shake the walls around me. He was so angry, just like Peter or Natalie when they didn't get their way.

I whimpered slightly and it suddenly became very quiet outside, as if they could hear my heartbeat through the door.

"Thank you doctor, you are dismissed" Jax said, in a slightly calmer voice this time.

"Alpha" was all she replied before I heard her footsteps retreat.

The next thing I knew the door was slowly being opened and when I made eye contact with Jax everything came back to me. The story he told me about the moon goddess, him standing by the tv stripping and finally him changing into a giant black wolf.

I whimpered again as I saw gold slightly swirl in his eyes, mixing with his chocolate brown colour and slightly pushed myself further up the bed.

I saw hurt and sadness flash in his eyes before he guarded himself up, why was he upset? If anyone had the right to be upset here it was me, I was the one that just witnessed my saviour turn into a wolf.

"It's okay Annabelle" Jax muttered as he took a step towards me with his arms raised, as if he was approaching a wild animal. I mentally laughed at the fact that he was the one who was actually the wild animal here.

"Do you remember what I told you in the car earlier Annabelle?" He asked as he took another step towards me and my heart stuttering as he got closer. I nodded slightly which brought a slight smile to Jax's lips. "Can you tell me what I told you?"

" won't hurt me" I stuttered, not sure if I'm still believing him after seeing what I just saw.

His smile widened slightly as he crouched down by the side of the bed "that's right Annabelle, I could never hurt you. I could never hurt the one person who makes my life worth living" he stated.

I blushed at his comment and looked down, not knowing how to take it.

I suddenly felt the bed dip slightly and looked up to see Jax sitting at the foot of the bed, close enough to touch me if he reached out but not close enough for there to be accidental touching.

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