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Chara was lying on the red leaves, reading peacefully when suddenly Asriel approached from behind. She wasn't surprised since lately, he had an addiction to pranks and jumpscares, however no heart attack followed.

-Howdy, Chara! Smile for the camera!-

Asriel said, pointing the camera at her. Chara smiled and tipped her head slightly to look cuter and to catch the right light on her face. Asriel laughed:

-Ha, this time I got YOU! I left the cap on... ON PURPOSE! Now you're smiling for noooo reason! Hee hee hee.-

He chuckled, feeling at least an evil genius.

-Wow... You are a great prankster, Asriel.-

Chara chuckled softly. She ran with her fingers on the book and flipped some pages, where she had just collected fresh buttercups for her plan.

-Asriel... Do you remember what happened when we tried to bake a pie?-

-What? Oh, yeah, I remember. When we tried to make a butterscotch pie for Dad, right? The recipe asked for cups of butter... But we accidentally put in buttercup butter instead.-

-Yeah... those flowers are... Dangerous.-

-Yeah! Those flowers got him really sick. I felt so bad. We made Mom really upset. I should have laughed it off like you did... Um, anyway, where are you going with this?-

He asked as Chara shut the book and went towards their home.

-Asriel, we don't need the camera. Turn it off before you kill the battery.-

She noticed. 

-Huh? Turn off the camera? Ok.-

Asriel turned the recording off and followed Chara. She held the book close to her chest, looking at her feet thoughtfully.

-I think... I know how to free the monster kind.-

She stopped.

-You will take my soul, go to the surface and take six more, then break the barrier.-

She said quietly, but loud enough for Asriel to hear. She never thought she'll ever say it out loud, but here she was, waiting for Asriel's response. She turned around to see his reaction. He looked almost angry as he frowned.

-Chara, I may be two years younger than you, but I'm aware that you have to die for this. I won't allow that. And I WON'T kill you or other humans!-

He tapped his foot hardly on the floor. Chara dropped her look.

-You won't kill me... I will poison myself with buttercups, and...-

-No, no and no, Chara! I always wished to have a sibling and a best friend, then my wish literally fell from the sky. and NOW I'm going to let you die like this?! NO!-

Tears started streaming from Asriel's big green eyes as he thought of the possibility of his sister dying. Chara felt her own eyes filling with tears.

-Neither I want to die, but... Asriel... Monsters are so kind to me, they made me feel loved... They... You... Everyone... Deserve the dream to come true. It's not like I want to leave the life I have now... I want you to be happy...-

-NO! I won't be happy if you do that! Nobody will!-

Asriel kept getting mad and ran towards the house.


Chara shouted to him. Asriel didn't stop and she heard the door slamming. But she didn't mean to give up on her plan. If she forces her plan into action, Asriel will have no choice but to flow with it. 


Asriel stormed into the kitchen in tears, almost destroying everything on his way.

-Mom! Mom!-

He shouted. Toriel turned to him worriedly.

-Asriel? My child, what's wrong?-

She knelt down to him, about to hug him, but he pulled away.

-Mom! I-it's Chara! She... She wants to kill herself!-

Toriel sat there literally thunderstruck.

-But... Why?-

-No time to explain! We have to stop her!-

Asriel was pulling his mother by the sleeve hardly. Toriel stood up and without hesitation stormed out of the house.

-Where is she?


Hiding behind the house, Chara opened the book again. she didn't have much buttercups collected between the pages, but at least it was something. She just hoped that it'll be enough to get sick. if she keeps the illness hidden long enough, it will reach the fatal level, and her plan will be executed. Taking a deep breath, Chara swallowed the lump in the throat that caused her to feel almost nauseous. Well, it's time. She rose the boquet of the crumpled buttercups to the level of her mouth, and, sighing, drew her teeth into the juicy stems, tearing the light yellow petals off and mercilessly turning them into a poisonous mush in her mouth. before swallowing, she closed her eyes. 

-"Forgive me..."-

She thought and let herself to swallow the petals and the poison to spread in her body.  That was when a tall shadow fell on her. She was afraid to look up, but she still did.


She whispered as she saw the totally shocked, almost crying monster queen.

-Chara... You...-

It was clearly meant to be a list of argument opening lines, but Toriel realized quick enough that there was no time for that. She grabbed Chara by her hand and ran with her inside the house. Chara sat down on a chair while Toriel ran to call Asgore. Asriel was standing in front of her on the other side of the table, frowning, his paws on the table:

-I told you it's a bad idea, Chara! I'm not that innocent! I'm not that dumb! I don't want you dead!  Never! NEVER! You are the dumb one if you think someone would be happy if you died! YOU are the dumb if you think that I was going to kill anyone! Including you, Chara!-

He was spitting all his thoughts at once. Chara put her elbows on the table, her head into her hands. Tears began streaming down her cheeks.

-Asriel... I... I just want everything to be better...-

She whispered. Toriel, still on the phone, brought Chara a glass of water.

-Here, we have to start washing the poison.-

She said before going back to talking. By now she was calling Alphys, but simply because she wasn't able to reach Gaster. Chara began drinking when suddenly she felt the buttercups affecting her as nausea took over her.

-"Damn... They surely work fast..."-

 As quick as she could, she stormed to the bathroom. Her stomach ached in convulsion as the poison made her throw up. Asriel was standing behind her, holding her hair.

-Mom! Chara is...-

-I know, Asriel! Doctor Gaster is on his way, everything will be fine!-

Indeed, in some minutes Doctor Gaster teleported into the house, but by this time, Chara was barely able to respond to the environment.  Her sight went blurry and she slowly sunk to the floor, dehydrated, dizzy and aching. The last thing she saw was Toriel kneeling down to her.

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