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Scorpius' gives me a sad smile and for a second I don't recognize him, he looks like he did after his mom died on platform 9 3/4, My heart hurts when I see his smile, it's so painful. He leaves the room and I'm alone with my thoughts.

I don't know how much time passes but it's long enough for my mom to send James up to get me, "Hey Albus, dinner-" he stops looking at me, I don't meet his eyes but I already know what he's about to do, if you're going to make fun of me make it Quick.

"What's wrong?" He asks crouching next to me.

"since when do you care?" I ask forcing my tears too not come down.

"I've always cared, I care about you and Lily as well as mom and dad, now tell me what's wrong?"

".... do, do you think I'm a bad person?"

"Why do you think that you're a bad person?"

"Because I'm jealous of Rose! And I know I shouldn't be!" I close my eyes, Don't cry! Don't cry! I dig my fingernails into the palm of my hand.

"Stop that," James says grabbing my hand, I look up at him and see worry in his eyes, and that is the last straw the tears start to come and they don't seem like stopping.

James pulls me into a hug "hay it's okay, it's okay," he says patting me on the back, "and being jealous is perfectly normal, it's like growing hair on your arms and legs, it happens to everyone,"

I laugh a little but my voice gets caught in my throat, "What about you? You never seem to have any Romance problems." I say trying to calm myself wiping away my tears only to have them replaced by new ones.

"Well, you know how uncle Charlie had always been more interested in dragons than others people?" He asks and I nod in response wondering where he's going with this, "Well I kind of feel the same, like I understand the importance of people and friends but I have never seen any point in having a significant other, I'm happy where I am at, now that's not to say that I don't think you deserve to be with someone you love, I just think ill find my love in a different place."

"That's good for you, just don't run off with any dragons or you might lose more than a finger," we both laugh at that and brake apart from our hug, mom then enters the room arms crossed.

"Diner, Al have you been crying?" she asks rushing over.

"Its fine we were just having a heart to heart," James says brushing our mom away and saving my hide in the process.

"Okay... just come down now please."

The table was filled to the brim with people, Mom and dad sat next to each there near the head of the table, the table seemed to be set up so that the adult sat at one end and the kids sat at the other, I take the seat next to Scorpius who was sitting net to Poppy, Rose was sitting across from us next to Lilly who was sitting next to Daisy in an intense conversation, Victoire sat to the other side of Rose and was making small talk to Molly who looked annoyed, Lucy (who was in the same grad as James) started up a conversashon as he sat dow next to her, Hugo, Fred, and Louis wer'e siting at the end of the table tossing peas at one another, Dominique was siting next to her mom Fleur and Roxanne was siting next to her brothere Fred.

(A/N: I'm not making up these characters!
PS- this is the family tree that I'm using)

(A/N: I'm not making up these characters!PS- this is the family tree that I'm using)

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