Chapter 10

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-Karkat P.O.V-

You can't believe you did that, and you can't believe it actually worked. You grab the siblings and run, for some reason, he doesn't chase after you. You quickly get back to Dave and the others and leave, you always knew school was hell. You go to the place Kankri works at.

"Please don't tell me you're bringing those people to the house as well." He says, you can hear Dave chuckle a bit. "Oh, and it's nice to see you Rose."

"Likewise." You Raise an eyebrow at your brother. He simply gives Rose some tea.

"Um, Thanks for saving me back there. My names John." He has a goofy grin on his face, the other person is his sister, Jade. At least you have answers to some questions.

"I'm Karkat." You make it clearly that you're aren't happy to introduce yourself.

"He may seem like he hates everyone, but he actually cares about others a lot, like his father did." That's it. You officially hate your brother right now.

"Shut up!" You can see a smirk on that asshole's face. Then once you think things can't get any worse, Cronus fucking Ampora shows up.

"Is he, drunk?" Dave asks, as the hunter stumbles into the cafe or whatever the fuck you call this place.

"What can I get for you?" Your brother says in a surprisingly calm voice, you guess this isn't the first time.

"Beer." You used to think this guy was threatening, now he's completely drunk and slurring.

"I'm sorry, this is a family friendly establishment, we don't serve alcohol here. Maybe I could get you something else, like water." Someone else comes in after Cronus, you think you've seen him in a class before, but you can't be bothered to remember people's names.

"No! No water!" He slurs.

"Cro, let's go." Maybe it's Cronus' brother? You should start paying attention more.

"No, Eridan." He points at Kankri. "You! Let me talk to your manager!"

"He will just tell you the same exact thing I already told you. Now leave, your bothering those who are trying to eat." You never realized how sassy your brother can get. Cronus gets dragged out and you just want a milkshake, something sweet to balance out this awful day. You all end up sitting together at a table in the corner, it's nice.

"So, guys." Everyone turns to you. Dave with that apple pie, it's the only thing he's had here. John and Jade each have a piece of cake. Rose and Kanaya are sharing a sundae and it's the cutest lovey dovey thing you ever seen, they're feeding each other. You wish Dave would do that with you, wait, fuck. "Do you want to do this again sometime?" Everyone seems instantly on board with the idea.

"No drunk guys next time?" Jade asks.

"Hopefully." You all laugh. You honestly can't remember the last time you were part of a group like this, before you became antisocial, and before Kankri took the role as your caretaker because there was no one left to take care of you. It's nice.

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