That's my wish

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Chara was going through Waterfall, looking at her own reflection in the crystal clear waters around. Toriel introduced this place to her as the Wishing Room. Since tomorrow is her birthday, she wanted to wish for something. Finally, she reached a river with a lot of Echo flowers. Entering the river and getting her shoes and the edges of her pants wet, she approached one of them as she meant to start talking, but then remembered how Asriel once touched a flower and it began speaking, so she touched it exactly in the middle. A child's voice sounded:

-My wish... Is to see the sun one day. Mom says it's really big and bright...-

Chara pulled her hand away. Turning to another flower, she touched it.

-...And what's your wish?-

-I wish to see stars once... I heard that they look like the crystals, but they are much more beautiful... And that... They're in space! And space is... Deep and endless...-

Chara switched to another flower. So she kept touching more and more of them...

-I want to see the sky!-

-I wish to hear different birds singing.-

-...See animals on the surface!-

-I wish we'd be free...-

Chara fell to her knees and began sobbing. The thought that she could be the angel, that she could make the prophecy come true and free everyone, and that she wasn't doing it or anything to ever do it, brought up an incredible feeling of guilt. She could give her soul to someone and go with them to the surface. She could set everyone free. But why didn't she do it until now? Was she too afraid? Was she too selfish to sacrifice her life for something such important as that? Yes. She was. She was a human, after all, it couldn't be otherwise. She was as much of a coward and megalomaniac as all of them. Why did the monsters, the ones she loved, wanted so much to break the barrier that divided them from hell? She couldn't understand. She knew she will never understand. But what hurt her the most was that she isn't able to explain the human world to them the way she knew it, she couldn't show it to them and protect them from their own dreams coming true. All that made her sob even harder. She slipped on the floor and pulled her knees to her chin, all curled up and crying. She didn't know how long she lied there, but a sad voice brought her back to reality:

-Oh... You're sad...-

She yanked her head. Now she realized that she was almost entirely wet with head and jacket. Wiping the water and tears from her eyes and throwing her hair back from her forehead, she saw the source of the voice: It was one of the ghosts that filmed her and the Royal Family during addressing days. This was the one who always hid as much as possible behind the camera and Chara never saw their ghosty face until now.

-Uh oh... I didn't mean to scare you... Sorry...-

The ghost began fading away.

-No, no, it's fine! I'm just... A bit sensitive today.-

Chara smiled quickly to cheer the ghost. They stopped fading and confronted her.

-Oh, you're all soaked... You can go and warm up in my house... If you want, it's okay if you don't...-

The ghost said, flying around Chara while she tried to dry as much water as possible from her shirt. 

-Sorry, another time. I have to come back home. I've been here for quite long I guess.-

She answered.

-I'm Chara, but I guess you saw me on the addressing days.-

She introduced herself.

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