The Pie

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Chara was lying in a bunch of red leaves and chewing the stem of a flower. Various thoughts filled her head, such as the monsters. After living with them for some months, she felt like this time was a perfect dream. Everybody was kind, accepted her and even adored her. She tried to make as many friends as possible, but of course, she couldn't go around the entire underground and shake hands with everyone. However some people made great friends with her, and that was already enough to make her happy. She homeschooled herself in the library, she had a lot of free time to play, hike and meet with friends, she now had a great loving family and an adorable younger brother. So what that there were no real sun or stars? So what that the territory was limited? The Underground was incredible like this! But the monsters still talked about going to the surface as their biggest goal. Chara heard about a "Wishing room" in Waterfall. She wanted to once go there and see how many monsters wish for it. Maybe, if everybody actually wants it, she can do something to help them... After all, there was a human soul needed for a monster to pass the barrier, maybe she can... No, no, that's too insane. To die? She didn't want to die... Her life just reached the happy point, and to die now without actually having a taste of the real life? Yes, maybe it was a bit selfish... Or... A lot selfish, but she also had dreams... But dreams of one human compared to the entire monster race's hopes and dreams... Was it worth it? 

Chara sank so deeply in her thoughts that she didn't notice Asriel approaching with a camera.

-Okay, Chara, are you ready? Do your creepy face!-

He said, pointing the camera towards her. Chara noticed that the lens cap was on, but still gave him a wide, creepy smile, revealing her white teeth, and widened her red eyes, tipping her head aside like a broken doll. Asriel nearly dropped the camera while stumbling back.

-AHHHHH! Hee hee hee!-

He rubbed the back of his neck while chuckling softly. Chara leaned back, putting her head on her palm and backing against the ground with her elbow, still smirking. Asriel wanted to check how the video came out just to realize the only thing recorded was his voice.

-Oh! Wait! I had the lens cap on...-

He quickly put off the cap and moved the camera towards Chara again.

-Well, I actually think one heart attack is enough for you.-

She yawned lazily.

-What!? You are not going to do it again...?-


-C'mon, quit tricking me! Haha!-

He stopped recording as Chara gave him a face of "I'm serious".

-Imagine, if you wake up and I stand in front of your eyes with this face!-

Chara threw the chewed stem away and got up from the grass. Thinking of it, Asriel's facial expression changed to nervous and he gradually stopped laughing.

-Are you sure I won't wake up in a hospital after that?-

He asked, actually taking her seriously.

-Can't promise anything.-

Chara shrugged, searching for another flower which's stem she could hold between teeth.

-Hey, Chara? Do you remember that it's Dad's birthday tomorrow?-


-I have a cool idea of our present to him!-

Asriel suddenly started hopping around.

-I have actually almost finished the sweater but... Okay, tell me.-

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