Chapter 10

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Assalamwmalaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

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Published on: 12th April, 2018
Words: 2145



I tried to walk past him but he stopped me by holding my wrist. My heart was beating so fast as I tried to free my hand.



Zoya's Pov

As soon as I heard that voice, relief spend in my veins. I turned around to see Imran bhai standing there with an unreadable expression on his face.

He was throwing glazes at Ali and that made him to release my wrist. I almost ran to Imran bhai and stood behind him while holding onto his bicep.

"Princess. You go to mom. I'll come after a while". Imran bhai said to me and kept his hand on my hand on his bicep, but he was still looking at Ali.

"Bhai but—"

"I said go". The look he gave me was enough for me to shut up. I nodded slowly and started walked back towards my mom.

"Assalamwalaikum mom". I said as I reached to my mom. I looked at the person she was talking to and I forced a smile on my face.

There was standing Ali's mom talking to my mom. I can't tell anyone about what happened with me a while ago.

"Assalamwalaikum aunty".

"Walaikumsalam beta". She cupped my face from one side and I faked a smile on my face.

"You are looking beautiful beta". She kissed my forehead lovingly.
"Thank you Aunty". My mom and Aunty started talking while I was standing there thinking about Imran bhai. What he must be doing?

I shouldn't have left him with Ali. I just hope they didn't fight with each other. I sighed deeply and shook my head to get rid of the thoughts.

Slowly all the guest started leaving and soon our backyard was left empty. We also came inside the house. All the time I was noticing Imran bhai. He was behaving a little different.

We all sat down in the living room. Mom, dad and Fahad bhai was looking happy but I was noticing Imran bhai who was lost in his own thoughts.

I was about to go to him but my mom called me. "Zoya, beta come sit here. I want to talk to you".

I looked at my mom and nodded. I went and sat beside her. "Yes mom. What is it?". I asked.

"Do you remember Ali's mom? Your Aunty to whom I was talking?". She asked I nodded confusedly. "Yes mom, I know"

"So she asked for your hand in marriage for his son, Ali". I looked at my mom with wide eyes.

"What!!??". I, Imran bhai and Fahad bhai shouted at the same time.

"What happened? Why you all are shouting like that?". Dad asked looking at us. I looked at Imran bhai nervously who was trying to control his anger.

"But mom, I don't wanna marry this soon". I pleaded my mom.

"She is too young for that. I think we should wait for few years". Fahad bhai said to dad.

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