Emo Ghost Love Story - Seth (one shot)

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Hi my name is Seth I was 18 years old when I dead

This is what happened . I wasn't a good boy I got kicked out of school when I was 15 years old so I got a job instead in a bar ( I looked older than I was ) . I liked working there my favoured part was kicking out the guys who were causing trouble . it's a good think I’m strong anyways one night I was working behind the bar getting drinks for people , talking to them and flirting with some of the girls you know the normal stuff . I was having fun flirting with this pretty blond girl she was smiling and flirting back I thought she was pretty but she had no personality what so ever ( I have nothing against blonds it's just a stories ) but it was just for fun .

“so does a pretty girl like you have a boyfriend ?” I asked with a big smile on my face

“that dependence on what your thinking” she smiled back

“well ... me , you at my place” I smiled

“well then I don't have a boyfriend” she smiled

“that's good , I get off a midnight will you wait for me ?” I asked

“yes , I will if as long as you promise it show me a good time” she winked 

“that I can promise” I smirked

She gave me a big smile then walked off shaking her bum on the way I watched as she walked away until she was out of my sight then I started working again . After I was finished work I met up with that girl so we walked to my house kissing and she was sometimes dirty dancing around me which I thought was HOT . we finally reached my house we were kissing when I opened the door and we went in I closed the door behind me and we fell on the sofa . We were making out then one think led to a nether and we ....... well you know anyways after we were finished we got our clothes back on well I just put my boxers and trousers that's all then went throw to the kitchen grabbed a beer and went back throw to the sitting room only to have a gun in my face.

“what the fuck ?” I shouted

“who the hell do you think you are fucking my girlfriend” the guy shouted at me

“I didn't know she had a bloody boyfriend” I shouted back

“bullshit” he shouted

I looked at the girl she had a big smile on her face and she was licking her lips I looked back at the guy .

“Do you have any last wishes before you go ?” he asked

“What ! your going to kill me because of what she did ?” I shouted

“She's stupid so it's your fault” he shouted angry

I was starting to get scared but I couldn't show it .

“Suck my dick like your bitch did” I spat at him

“That's it say your prayers bitch” he shouted

“Make me” I shouted

But he didn't , all I heard was a load bang and a pain in my stomach . I could taste blood in my mouth I dropped the bottle and fell to my knee’s . He put the guns to my head and he pulled the trigger and shot me again this time everything went black . when I finally came round I opened my eye's and sat up I was stile in my house I looked at my chest but nothing was there no bullets , no blood , nothing .

"what ?" I said confused

I looked around my house and there was nothing ,  no tv , no posters , nothing . I ran up stairs to my bedroom I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and before I know it I was going to run in to the door I tried to stop but it didn't work but I didn't hit the door I ran throw it . I got to the other side of the door it was stile closed .

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