Chapter 9 – A Game In The Dark

 I think I was still in a daze that I had been interviewed on the way back to the hotel; I planned on enjoying the night since it would be the last time we slept in a proper bed before going on a cramped tour bus with five boys.

“You were great today by the way Mags” Nathan said wrapping his arm around me in the lift, I smiled and leant on his shoulder slightly exhausted, we had been told that episode would be airing tomorrow so we would have to wait for the reaction from the fans.

“Why thank you” I said mocking his accent, he shrugged me off laughing and when the lift stopped on our floor he grabbed my hand and we skipped down to the room holding hands, it was something we’ve always done together ever since we were little.

I dug out the door key and put it in the slot before swinging open, Nathan waited for me to go in before he followed like a true gentleman; honestly any girl would be lucky to have a boyfriend like him.

I still often wondered why he was still single; I mean he had hundreds of girls declaring their love for him. I guess that could be the problem though, he has girls throwing themselves at him so he doesn’t really get to know them, or they might just want him for their fifteen minutes of fame, who knows? He just hasn’t found his right girl next.

We were both really tired so didn’t waste any time getting ready for bed, I planned on packing my stuff tonight since it was our last but I felt out of energy so I would just have to do it in the morning.

I hopped into bed, Nathan following after he had finished in the bathroom. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close, before I knew it my thoughts had drifted off and I was asleep.

The alarm woke me up the next morning, the annoying tune you never wanted to hear blasting out, I hit all the buttons until it stopped and stretched waking myself up. It felt like I had only just closed my eyes yet the clock read seven in the morning, I kicked a sleepy Nathan and he groaned before sitting up.

“Morning” he said and I mumbled something before going to the bathroom to wash my face. Once I had done it I felt slightly more awake and began to gather my things together.

I had made sure I had everything at least twice; I left a set of clothes out to wear today and grabbed them before going into the bathroom to change leaving Nathan to do the same. My stomach rumbled as I pulled a sock on and I hurried knowing that the faster I got ready the faster I would get some food.

Normally Nath got changed really fast, but today he was going at a snail’s pace and when I walked out he only had his bottom half on, meaning he was totally shirtless. I gaped slightly at his chest, not really realizing what I was doing. My stomach grumbled loudly making Nathan turn his head in my direction, I turned away as fast as I could hoping he hadn’t known that I was looking at his bare chest. I grabbed an apple and began to eat it filling me slightly so my stomach no longer grumbled

I put my pyjamas away and zipped up my case, Nathan did the same and we grabbed our other things before dragging them out into the hall. I went back in to make sure we had got everything, when I went to Nathan’s side of the room I found a photo on the floor; I turned it over and saw it was a photo of Nathan and me.

I was smiling directly at the camera and Nathan was a few paces back gazing at me, I had never seen the photo before so it surprized me slightly, I had no idea why he kept a photo of me with him and I didn’t really know how to react either.

I put it in my pocket and walked back out to where Nathan was, I planned on putting it in his suitcase when he wasn’t looking and not telling him I had seen it, I smiled at him and began to drag the case down the hall, as we did Max and Tom walked out of their rooms with theirs and followed us to the lift.

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