First Kiss

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Louis' POV

"Happy Birthday to me," I mumbled to myself and sat up on my bed. I could feel the cold breeze hitting my face and I shivered.

I took my phone and unlocked. As expected messages were there and I opened the one which instantly brought a smile in my dull face.

From Hazza 💚
Happie Birthday My Pretty Little Cupcake ❤️
I wov you 😘

I smiled widely and replied.

To Hazza 💚
Happy Christmas Eve, Hazzy! 😘

I sent him and placed my phone aside. I pouted at the thought of not seeing him. Yeah, that bastard left me and went to Holmes Chapel with his family for Christmas. Harry was not very happy about it but Anne ordered him to come with them.

Harry just can't go and say to his mom that he should be with his amazing boyfriend on his birthday. He promised me that he would make it up with me afterwards. I just said it's okay but it really does hurts not to be around him.

I took a quick shower and put on some new clothes which mom brought for me and went downstairs. My sisters squealed and jumped into my arms.

"Happy Birthday!"

I hugged them back with a smile on my face and ruffled Lottie's hair.

"Hey, I'm not your friend Harry!" Lottie complained and straighten her hair. I gave her 'Thanks for reminding' look as she giggles.

"Happy Birthday Sunshine!" My mom came and hugged me tightly.

"Thank you, mom," I whispered and enjoyed her embrace.

"Dad left earlier as he had some important meeting and asked me to wish you." Mom said as she pulled away. I just nodded and took a bite of an apple.

"Louis I know it's your birthday and all but we all are going to see your grandma.." Mom trailed off.

"Mom, is she alright?" I panicked.

"Oh dearie, she fine but a little bit sick. You can also come with us." I looked at her. "If you want." She added.

What should I do now? I don't think it's a really good idea to go. I mean, I love my grandma so much but a part of me is saying me to stay.

"No, mom. It's fine, I'm gonna stay here." I declared.

"You sure, sweetie?" Mom caressed my cheek.

"Yes, mom." I nodded my head as she kissed my forehead.

"Louis! Please come with us! It will be fun!" Daisy and Phoebe whined.

"I don't feel like coming, lovelies. You guys go and have fun. Say grandma that I said hi." I said and pulled them into a hug.


"We will be back in two days, Boobear. Take care, I love you." Mom and the girls waved at me from the car.

"Love you too, guys! Drive safe!" I yelled as the car went off.

I sighed and went inside my home and sat in the living room. What the hell should I do now? My boyfriend is not here, my family went to see my grandma and my best friend is in Bradford. Never in a million years, I thought I would spend my birthday all alone. I like it when I'm alone but... There's something missing.

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