Chapter Four

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Hey hey hey guys! Welcome back! It's been too long, I know, but I just got back from DC Friday night, and I haven't really had time to write this next chapter yet. It's kind of short, but I whipped it out for you guys yesterday, and did a quick edit today. So here it is!

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At last, it was lunch time! After four periods of getting used to a new school, I was definitely hungry. Jordan, thankfully, understood my pain and led me straight to the cafeteria when the fourth period bell rang.

It was huge, with dozens of eight-person tables scattered everywhere and students lined up to enter the food lines. White noise filled the room and I couldn’t make out any individual conversations. The whole room smelled of pizza and chicken rings.

Jordan led me to one of the more center tables, which was already occupied by three people: Sean and two other boys that I didn’t recognize. Sean smiled warmly at me, and I returned it.

“Elise, this is Mike and Liam,” introduced Jordan, indicating the other two boys. “This is Elise, you guys. She’s new, and I’m supposed to show her around and stuff.”

Mike wore a grin similar to Zach’s. His hair was wildly curly and he wore glasses that suited him well. Liam had medium-length brown hair and looked quietly amused. Each of them, including Sean, already had their food. I sat down next to Sean, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

“You’re not coming to get food?” asked Jordan.

I pulled my lunch box out of my backpack. “Hell no. School cafeteria food blows.”

“Finally,” Mike exclaimed, throwing his hands into the air. “Someone who understands!” 

Another tug at the back of my brain. Again, I shoved it away.

Jordan chuckled. “I’ll be back.” He nodded at me and headed off towards the ever-growing lunch line.

“You doing alright?” questioned Sean. “Jordan helping you out?”

“Yeah,” I replied quietly. “Everything is just…different I suppose.”

“Don’t worry,” Liam reassured me. “You’ll get used to it. It will be normal in no time.”

I must’ve looked doubtful, because Sean smiled at me again. His smile was insanely cute; it lit up his entire face and spread to his eyes. It was hard not to smile in return. “He’s right, Elise. Especially if you play Minecraft. You’re pretty much already a part of our group, and it hasn’t even been a full day!”

“Wait, woah woah, slow down,” Mike interrupted. “She’s a Minecrafter?”

I nodded, slightly embarrassed. 

“Heck yes!” he cheered, looking enthusiastic. “You’ll fit in in no time, don’t worry.”

Thankfully, Jordan arrived with three others at that moment: Zach, Julio, and Maddie, which saved me from having to reply.

“Elise!” greeted Zach as they all sat down, Jordan taking the seat on my other side. “You been having a good day?”

His energy made me laugh. “I suppose I have, Zach. Thanks to you guys,” I added, slightly nervously.

“Aw,” said Julio. “We’re all best friends already!”

And that was pretty much how the rest of lunch went. We talked, laughed, and grinned for the entire hour, and I was thoroughly enjoying myself. Despite that, the tug of familiarity still hung in the back of my mind.

But why? I’d never met these guys before today.

So who were they?

I know it's short, but I haven't had much time this past week to write this, so sorry! I hope I did well enough to satisfy you until Wednesday.

So now TYBZI and H are in the picture. When will Elise find out who her new friends really are? Keep reading to find out!

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