Chapter-28 " Attack"

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After the meeting I left the court, It was the time for my daily dose of blood without that I can't even imagine how I'll manage to survive.

I was on my way to my room, when someone called my name.
I turned around to see no one, I shrugged it off thinking that my mind is playing games on me.

I continued walking when suddenly someone grabbed me and pulled me in a dark room, the someone covered my mouth with a duct tape, I was struggling to break through but he wouldn't budge.

I was scared as hell, then my hand hit a metal thingy, it was a locket. Then I realized it was edward for sure. After a few minutes of struggling he tied me to a chair and closed the door, he then opened the light and no surprise it was edward.

I scoffed at him,I was angry I was frustrated but at the same time I was scared too.

With one quick and painful motion he snapped the tape. I winced in pain and he stood there with an evil smile on his face.

"what the fuck are you trying to do Edward! " I shouted at him
" don't you know, I will kill you, you pest! " he answered
" huh.. You can't I'm immortal" I said with a smirk
"well, little bitch I so can, every hereditary vamp has a weakness I've figured out yours "

I was now scared, what the hell man! No one told me about this..

I decided I'll have to do something, I started screaming and throwing my legs and arms in the air, trying to break free.


I was walking in the corridor just when I heard a scream, I immediately recognized the voice, it was lisa. I rushed to her. Her voice was coming from the store room. I started pushing the door

"LISA! LISA! you in there? " I shouted

I heard Her muffled screams. Then I heard a man's voice. I recognized it immediately, it was no other than edward. That bastard,

I kicked the door open and saw lisa tied down to a chair and Edward was nowhere to be found, I was fuming with rage when I noticed that lisa was passed out and the window was opened, Edward had escaped just in time otherwise I would've surely killed him, I picked lisa in my arms and bought her back to our room,she was still passed out and had a worried look on her face, I placed her on the bed and sprinkled few drops of water on her face, she started opening her eyes. As she was trying to open her eyes, I left the room I didn't wanted to face her., I didn't wanted her to think that me or this marriage is imposed on her.


I heard Leo's voice I tried to scream even harder, but Edward's hand was on my mouth. I bit him, hard. And he cursed me under his breath.

It was enough to let leo know that Edward was in. He started pounding the door, edward placed a napkin on my mouth which I think was drenched in chloroform,and escaped from the window. Just after a few seconds the effect of the chloroform dawned upon me and I passed out.

The next thing I saw that I was sleeping on the bed in our room. I figured out leo bought me here, but the fact that  he wasn't here at that time made me frown.

I was upset, we were getting along good and I did the most stupid thing one can ever do, now the old leo was back.



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