Chapter 14

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3Rd person's Pov

when Mahiru and Kuro arrive at their destination. Mahiru was surprise to see the old Japanese small house where he and his mother use to stay.

He stop and look at the house, Its old and dusty. His Mother's family said that they will demolish the house and sell the lot since the house is already old.

But when Mahiru stay in this place, This house was more lively it seems. It use too be.

"Ah, It bring back memories." Mahiru said.

"what brings memories? This place looks wreck." Kuro said in a monotone voice.

"yeah I know. Now lets go." Mahiru said and went inside the old house. He slid the door open and saw his uncle lifting a box.

"Ah, Mahiru your here." His uncle said and put down the box. His uncle gaze on Mahiru's shoulder. "You brought a cat too?" His uncle ask.

"yeah, Don't worry though. This Cat just like to sleep it won't cause trouble." Mahiru said.

"Meow."Kuro said as he stretch his arms and attempt to sleep at his eve shoulder, But Mahiru lift him and put him in the floor.

"Sorry Kuro. I have work, So how about sleep here'' Mahiru said and put Kuro in the corner. Kuro just ignore his Eve and sleep again. Mahiru smile and went to help his uncle.

Mahiru help his uncle organize.

"First how about we sord the things that is junk, the things we can sell, and the things that I can keep." Mahiru said.

"yeah." His uncle said as they started to open the box. They saw some statue and painting that is worth of something,His uncle said that his the one who's going to sell it so it will be No problem.

Mahiru thinks that his uncle will sure sell those things with a high prize for bigger money. Well Mahiru doesn't care about that since he knows his uncle too well.

Then Mahiru notice something. A small carton box that has an saying 'Important Memories'

Mahiru wonders what is inside the box so he open it. He first saw a small picture Frame. Mahiru was shock and almost drop the picture frame when he saw the picture.

The picture was A Teenage with ponytail brown hair smiling while her eyes close on the left side she is wearing a simple long sleeve and a white jeans, (Mahiru concluded this was Maki. His mother)  In the middle was a woman with long brown hair, Her hair will go down until it reach her knees. and she is wearing a simple Blue Yukata, (Mahiru recognize her as Sakurapiya, The person or woman who keep appearing inside of his head and dreams) in hers right was a teenage boy with slightly brown hair, Brown eyes and was smiling.

Mahiru was confuse. Why is the person in his dream, a woman appeared in his dream was with his mother. In the first place, his mother was not Maki. It was Sakurapiya, well thats according to his dreams.

But he got more confuse since he remember it clearly that his mother was Maki. The girl from the left. But Mahiru re- think. He himself can't remember anything happen to him between 5-7 years old. All he remember was staying in this place for a ymtwo years before his mother died.

Wait, Why did he think that he stay in this place for 2 years? Why did he think that way?

Beside he was born in this land right? He was born in this place and grew in this place right?

"Neh, Uncle." Mahiru called.

"Hm? What is it Mahiru?" His uncle said as he too was checking the other boxes.

"am I... Born here?" Mahiru ask while his eyes was cover with his hair.

His uncle was shock with the question before he smirk. He stand up in the door way and got a cigarette in his pocket, stick it to his mouth and light it. He start to smoke.

"The truth is My sister is weird in anyway." His uncle started to say. He look up the sky.

"weird?" Mahiru said in confuse as he look at his uncle.

"yes, When she was 20, her best friend, Childhood bestfriend Sakurapiya was getting married at Osaka. She was suppose to marry their childhood bestfriend too namely Haru, Maki said that she's going to stay at her bestfriend side and I'll be fine here in tokyo alone so Its fine. But when at the age of 30 she finally return with you such a 6 years oldkid with her. She said your her son, and we were confuse. We ask where your father is and she only reply that 'that bastard' just left without saying goodbye. We believe her and thats it. So I guest Your not really born here." His uncle explain everything.

"why the sudden question anyways?" His uncle ask

Mahiru look down at the frame that he was holding, his eyes saw a little bit of sadness.

"the truth is, Recently I keep dreaming about this girl." Mahiru said pointing the girl in the middle in the picture frame.

"Sakurapiya?" his uncle ask.

"yes Her. In my dreams I use to call her my Mom. I can here her voice and she always call me Mahi-chan. She treated me like I was really her son,But''...." Mahiru stop for a while. " ...But, Sometimes I keep dreaming about dead bodies everywhere, Its a horrible scene. That Sakurapiya woman said that I should run, but the younger me said I shouldn't left my mother alone. But then suddenly a voice of a man said 'I found you Mahiru' and that moment I wake up." Mahiru started to explain.

"ah, So. Come to think of it. Maki said that she never fell inlove with someone rather than that guy." His uncle said with his cigarette in his mouth.

"That Guy?" Mahiru ask. His uncle grab the picture frame and pointed the only guy in the picture. "This guy. This guy name Haruki. The three of them ever since they were kids they were bestfriends. They met each other at Elementary school and since they grew up they become close. They were also always fall in the sameclass together. Always " His uncle said.

"Maki said to me once that the only person she love was this guy Haruki. But, When she confess to Haruki she got rejected and turns out that this Haruki guy love Sakurapiya the most. Sakurapiya too love Haruki, so they decided at the age of 20 they got married. Maki was heartbroken for sure, its hard for her to accept the truth but she did. She did everything to support her two best friends even if it hurts. Beside like she always said, 'That is what friends for right?' " His uncle started to explain.

"So it is a possibility that my true parents was them? Sakurapiya and Haruki?" Mahiru ask

"yes Possible. How about search something, You can start at Osaka all though I doubt your really going to Osaka since you don't have anyfriends there." His uncle said

Mahiru pout at His uncle. "But If they were my parents, Where are they? And How did I end up with Maki anway?"  Mahiru thought.

"Who knows, Maybe you'll find it soon or later." His uncle said.

"Meow" Kuro said as he hop onto Mahiru's lap and lean closer trying to confort mahiru.

"Thanks Kuro." Mahiru said as he pat Kuro which Pur in respond.

"Hey where did you pick that cat? Its like a blue russian cat." His uncle ask.

"I pick it in the street." Mahiru said.

"You know, A cat like him can make a millions of money." His uncle said, Mahiru was shock.

"HEH!? SERIOUSLY!?" Mahiru ask.

His uncle nod.

Mahiru then smile. "Mah, I won't sell this cat even if he cause Millions. Beside, this cat is important to me, he made me happy even though sometimes we don't get along. Beside you can't buy happiness and love right Kuro?" Mahiru said with a smile and his cheek was pink.

Kuro look at Mahiru with a shock. clearly when he was in his human form, Possible his face will be red as a tomato. But gladly he is in his cat form. He just pur in an answer and lean closer to Mahiru.


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