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Hey womens, are you looking for a fine wiener, but you just can't seem to find one?


Look no further.

Here at dildo colony plus, we only sell the best fake penises.


You're gon- You're probably gonna love them so much, that you might sue us. Like most of our happy customers.


At normal dildo shops, you're expected to pay $30 for a quality wiene.

How much would you pay?



At dildo- at dil-dildo, hmmm
Here at dildo colony plus we only, we sell them for $75!!


But act now, and get another dildo, for the same price as the first one.

Just listen to these celebrities talk about how awesome dildo colony plus is.

Yo guys, its Snoop Dogg, takin' a break from s-smokin' a doobie. Whenever I met a larger women, she's always going to dildo colony plus, and I'm like, what's the drizzle my nozzle. So I went there and I got my freak on.

So don't miss out. Come get your own, weirdly realistic, fake penises today.

Dildo Colony. We sell dildos.

No skinny women.

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