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"Mum..." Mal complains to her mother.

"It's the deeds, Mal, that make the difference between mean and truly evil. When i was your age, i was cursing entire kingdoms." Maleficent explained. As Mal mocked her mother by saying 'cursing entire kingdoms' with her.

"Oh, there's news. I buried the lede. You five have been chosen to attend a different school...In Auradon!" She then continued.

All five of the descendants then ranted on about how they didn't want to go because of their own completely different reasons. Maleficent then motioned for her daughter to move with her back to the castle, where all of the descendants parents were waiting for them inside.

Once they arrived, Maleficent went over to her throne and took a seat, before filing her nails. As the villain kids went over to their own parents.

"You will go. You will find the fairy godmother and you will bring back the magic wand. Easy peasy." Maleficent stated towards her only daughter.

"What's in it for us?" Mal questioned her mother while taking a step forward.

"Matching thrones, Hers-and-hers crowns." 

"Um...i think she meant us." Sophia gestured between all five of the teens.

"It's all about me and you baby. Do you enjoy watching innocent people suffer?" the horned lady asked, as she set her file down and got up.

"Well, i mean. Yeah, who doesn't?" 

"Well, then get me the wand and you and I can see all that and so much more. And with that wand and my scepter, I will be able to bond both good and evil to my will!"

"Our will!" Evil Queen interrupted.

"Our will, Our will." Maleficent continued. "And if you fail, you're grounded for the rest of your life, missy."

"What..Mum?" Mal complains, the mother and daughter soon start having a staring contest. Both their eyes flashing green, but in the end Mal gives up and agrees to get the wand for her mother.

"Evie, my little evil-lette in training. You just find yourself a prince with a big castle and a mother-in-law wing." E.Q states, motioning for her daughter to come forward.

"and lots and lots of mirrors." they both say in unison. Evie then begins to laugh softly, but her mother puts an end to it fast by saying it will cause 'wrinkles'

"Oh, but their not taking my Carlos. because i'd miss him too much." Cruella then explains, which causes her son to look at her wide-eyed.

"Really! Mum?" Carlos questions hopefully.

"Yes. Who would touch up my roots, fluff my fur and scrape the bunions off my feet." 

"Yeah. maybe a new school wouldn't be the worst thing." the white-haired male soon says. Before his mother, Cruella then reminds him of dogs being in Auradon,  to hearing those words he changes his mind again.

"Their not taking my Sophia either. I need her to stay back and help me with her aunts and my spells." Sophia's mother, Sarah Sanderson explains to the dark fairy.

"Jay, won't be going either. I need him to stock the shelves in my store. What'd you score?" Jafar asks his son. To where Jay hands him a genie lamp that doesn't work, when he rubs it.

"What is wrong with you all? People used to cower at the mention of our names! For 20 years, I have searched for a way off this island. For 20 years, they have robbed us from our revenge... revenge on Snow White and her horrible little men." Maleficent rants.

"Ow" E.Q says.

"Revenge on Aladdin, and his bloated genie." She then states pointing her finger to Jafar.

"I will-" Jafar stops, only to be held back by his son Jay.

"Revenge on every sneaky dalmation that escaped your clutches." 

Cruella then begins to ramble on, about them not being able to get the poor baby. Then Maleficent gets to Sarah.

"Revenge on Dennison and his friends for defeating you and your siblings." 

"And, me evillest of them all. Maleficent will finally have her revenge on Aurora and her relentless little prince. Maleficent explains, laughing evilly.

E.Q then gives her daughter, her old magic mirror while Maleficent gives Mal her spell book. As well as Sarah handing over, her sister Winifred's spell book towards her daughter Sophia. The five descendants soon heard the sound of a limo pull up outside of Maleficent's castle, so they all went down saying goodbye to their parents then hopping into the limousine. This would be the start of their new adventures in Auradon.

|Ty for reading guys ;3 i really enjoyed writing this chapter, so i hope you liked it. Oh and also guys i will probably write the next chapter in Sophia's point of view so yeah.


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