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It's getting late now and I'm alone in my room.
The weather is unseasonably warm as the sun sets and the city lights are twinkling throughout my window.
It's nice.

Even though it's a calming setting, I still am confined to walls and the pain within them.
I feel the souls of every person who has passed in here and hear the cries of the damned.

As I close my eyes, I can see quick visions of the lives of those in the rooms around me.
Some of the visions are future premonitions and the others are bits from their pasts, but the lines frequently blur and I'm left to decipher what is what.
I'm use to this.

One thing I will never get use to, though, is the heavy feeling of darkness and the evil shadows that I see looming around people.

When they approach me, I see their true version, whatever they may be and everyone else sees a man in a white coat.
Sometimes, I wish I could just see a man as a man, but that hasn't been the case in a very long time.

I wonder sometimes how I keep myself together when the very world around me is nothing like it seems and our very existence is teetering on a thin line.

We as just "humans" are incredibly outnumbered here on this planet.

The veil travelers, extraterrestrials, and spiritual beings (good and bad), consume most of the world.
They're right in front of us all the time and most people will never know the difference between any of them.

Then, I open my eyes, come right back to the cream colored walls, tv and gentle breeze.

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