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So this was originally gonna be name "Life of A nymph" but I decided against it :) But Anyway New Chapter Every week (Hopefully) And show some love...<3 





My name Is Zayeire

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My name Is Zayeire. I live in Florida, and I'm 18. I share an apartment with my best friend Tye. Tye and I go way back. We have been best friends since diapers. That's my nigga.

I woke up the sound of the door unlocking. I looked to the right of me and Noticed Tye was gone. Then I looked at the clock on the nightstand. 12:49 am. I groaned and pulled the cover over my head. "Hey baby" I smiled and pulled the covers from over my head. "Hey, Tye." She bent down and gave me a kiss on the lips. 

Tye and I are more than friends I guess, but we're not together.

"Zaye You haven't been out the bed since I left for work yesterday. " I frowned "How do you-" She cut me off "You're wearing the same pajamas girl." I rolled my eyes and Laid down. "Smart ass" She chuckled lowly. Minutes later, I heard the shower running. I lightly bit my bottom lip and got out of the bed. "No Zayeire. Stay yo ass in there" I frowned and got back in the bed. She ain't no fun. 

Moments later the shower was still running and I was getting irritated. She's been in there for a while. I got out of bed and went to go check up on her. As I got closer to the shower, I heard her moaning and breathing hard. A smile crept across my face and I quietly made my way into the bathroom. 

I took off my clothes and slipped into the shower. She was leaned up against the wall with her head held back, her eyes closed, and her finger inside her.  I smiled at her and got on my knees. I replaced her fingers with my tongue and her head shot back up.  "Oh my god Zaye" She grinded her pussy against my tongue.I Inserted two fingers and she leaned her head back "Yes Baby Faster" She grabbed a handful of my hair and gripped it tightly. I looked up at her and she was playing with her nipples. When I felt her approaching her orgasm, I stopped and stood up. I cut the shower off and carried her to the bedroom. I threw her on the bed and climbed on top of her.  This woman will be the death of me. 

~The Next Day ~ (A few Hours later)

I woke up to My phone ringing. I picked it up and answered it. "Hello?"  "Baby I'm coming over Imma be there in 30 minutes" I looked at the caller I.D Nijhay. I cursed under my breath. "Okay, Imma be ready." I hung up the phone and got on top of Tye. "Bae" I kissed her lips. "What Zaye... I'm Tired" I smiled. "Baby I gotta get up. Jay coming over" She frowned. I rolled my eyes and got under the covers. I blew on her pussy and she jumped up. "Zaye... Let that bitch see my sexy naked ass... You fuck me on a daily, not her Chimpanzee looking ass" I laughed "Tye baby chill out. She just taking me to the mall and I'm coming home to your sexy ass." She smiled. "Now get some rest you gotta work in a few hours." I kissed her pussy one more tie then I sat up and Kissed her lips. 

I got out Of the bed and got my clothes ready to take a shower. 

~25 minutes later~

I heard someone knocking on the door. Tye graned and I chuckled a little bit. She opened the door, and I exited the bathroom. I got my things and went to the front door. Tye was butt ass naked. She smirked at me and Nijhay was mugging her. "Tye why girl?" I said trying to not laugh. She bit her bottom lip "Cause I felt like it, daddy." I rolled my eyes and whispered in her ear. "Remember that"  I pulled away and Nijhay was pissed off. "Tye go get some rest girl you gotta work. She hugged me. "Bye Hoe" I hugged her back and whispered in her ear. "We fighting when you get home tonight." I let go and Nihjay walked out the door behind me. By now she was red with anger.

"Hey baby," I said getting in the car. She looked at me. "Don't 'hey baby' me. What the fuck was that?" I laughed. "You know Tye is... Well, she's Tye. I can't help that. But don't worry Jay I'm all yours." 

Nijhay is my actual girlfriend. She isn't a stud, but she isn't a fem or stem. She's just Nihjay. That's what I love about her. She doesn't let labels define her. 

She rolled her eyes. "I highly doubt that. She was naked, and she is mostly in your room. And let's not forget. She has A lot of hickeys on her neck and back." I laughed. "Listen she is Open and confident, and I didn't give her those hickeys. She tilted her head. "You lying because all she does is work and come home to you. You told me yourself." I looked at her. "Baby You are my one and only and I am yours." I kissed her lips. She looked at me a little longer and started the car. I got a text message from Tye, and I opened it. 

Tyebear: I miss you already.

Me: I miss you too. I promise you'll have me all to yourself when I get home. 

Tyebear: Okay Daddy.

I smiled and put my phone in my pocket. 

I love this girl


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