Chapter 3 ~ Zayn

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Chapter 3 ― Zayn


I took out my mirror immediately and looked at my face. There was nothing wrong with me! She had a problem because my face looked as usual. I put the mirror back in my pocket again and turned around to see her. She was on the dance floor, flirting with some random lad whilst I was alone at the bar looking at the others having fun. My eyes looked for Alex immediately and I saw her with Niall, dancing so close, laughing and looking into each other’s eyes like there was no one else in the world. It hurt; it hurt so much because even if I knew the truth, even if I knew she was never going to look at me like that, I wanted it. I wanted her.

I sighed and looked away because I wasn’t a masochist bastard after all, and my eyes met Mila’s. I felt like someone had punched me in the middle of the face when I saw so clearly that she knew of what I felt for Alex and she felt sorry for me. It was that pitiful look that Alex used to give me now and then, the same look I hated so much.

I wanted to go back, go to my flat and forget about everything for a while. I didn’t want to think about Alex, and most definitely I didn’t want to see Mila’s gaze on me. I had more than enough just with my own pity; I didn’t need anyone else’s. Plus, I was angry because if Mila hadn’t been there because of Alex, I would totally have enjoyed her company. She had this strong personality, it was evident, and she wasn’t the kind that would let other people step on her. That reminded me of Alex, the way they both seemed like they didn’t need anyone to take care of them. I could see why there were friends.

I felt bad for a while knowing that I was acting like an twat, after all, Mila tried to be nice… at the beginning, at least. And I made things hard for both of us, but I really wasn’t in the mood for a charity act. Probably, if Alex hadn’t introduced us and we had met like two normal people, things would’ve been a lot different between us.

“Zayn, you’re no fun!” I heard a voice, which startled me because I wasn’t expecting someone to approach me. I turned and found Alex and Niall looking at me reproachfully.

“And you should be dancing, not here,” I replied looking away.

“Hey, mate! Cut the bitterness,” Niall interrupted and I knew he was mad because of my sharp response to his girlfriend.

Yeah, I knew I was behaving like a real arsehole, but I truly wasn’t in the mood. Not for a party and most definitely not for a blind date, even if the girl called my attention. “Sorry,” I muttered and Alex smiled. I knew she didn’t care and I could bet she understood why I was acting like that. She could always understand me, after all, we were good friends, but we were never going to be more than that.

“C’mon, Zayn. She came here just for you, and look at her! She had to find fun with another guy! Another guy over you, Zayn Malik? How’s that even possible!? I’m disappointed in you!” Alex dramatised and for a second I smiled at her. When she acted like that, she kind of reminded me of Louis and his childish behaviour. “Go talk to her!”

“No. She doesn’t like me and I wanna go home,” I refuted and yes, I knew I sounded like a five-year-old boy, but I didn’t care.

“How can you know that? You barely talked to her!” She smacked my arm strongly and I just stood there, glaring daggers at her. “Stop being such a pussy and man up. Go talk to her and have fun. It’s an order, Malik.” And she looked dead serious when saying that. I chuckled as I realised I couldn’t do any other thing but obey, if I didn’t, she was going to kill me, or worse, get me expelled!

“Fine. You’re so annoying sometimes,” I mumbled and she smiled proudly.

“I do my best. Now go and have fun, stole your girl from the arms of that bloke!” Alex encouraged me and I could almost see her waving her white handkerchief as I walked to the battlefield. “I still believe in you, Zayn!” And then I burst out laughing. That girl was crazy. I looked at her over my shoulder and I saw her with Niall, leaning on each other as both were laughing.

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