Chapter 5

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I woke up from a bright light shining in my eyes.i Remembered where I was and what happend last night, I started smiling. I got up trying not to make a sound so that Alex wouldn't wake up. I changed into some shorts and a tank top. I made a cup of coffee and opened the door to our balcony feeling it was already really warm outside. I took a picture of the beautiful view and posted it on my story.

When I woke up I turned around finding a empty spot next to me. I got up and put a short jogging pant on, I walked outside and saw perrie sitting on the bench that was standing on the balcony. I walked up to her and placed a kiss on her head. "Good morning beautiful" I said to her she looked up at me and give me a kiss on my mouth "good morning handsome" she said sweet. "Did you sleep good?" Better than ever" I replied. I walked back inside and made myself a cup of coffee. While I was waiting for my coffee to be ready when I caught perrie staring at me "like what you see" I asked grinning "mmm I sure do" she said. I started laughing.

We walked to the restaurant as we where gonna have breakfast. We ordered our food and just talked about all kinds of different stuff. Before going back to our cabin. Today we weren't planning on doing anything so we thought it was a good idea to go to the beach that wasn't far away from here. Alex rented a car, and I got our stuff. We drove to the beach and it was really busy, we searched a spot and put our stuff on the ground.

Alex went swimming and I just stayed at our spot listening to some music. After a little while their was a shadow blocking the sun I looked up and put my music off, there was standing a man right in front of me. He looked my age and wasn't that bad looking. "Can I help you?" I asked politely. "Yeah I thought you where really good looking and you're here alone so I thought let's give her some company" he said trying to sound cool. "Well I'm sorry but I'm here with my boyfriend so there's absolutely no need in keeping me company" I told him putting my earphones back into my ears and closing my eyes. As the shadow wont leave I took my earphones out my ears again, seeing the guy still stand there. "Is there anything else I can help you with" I asked a bit annoyed. " that boyfriend huh" he asked,. I nodded "I don't see him" "turn around" the guy turned around "now you see him" Alex said. I was relieved When I saw Alex, that guy kinda creeped me out. "You're her boyfriend?" The guy asked sarcastically looking at me "why would you say him when you can date so much better like me" the guy said looking disgusted at Alex "excuse me but I would pick him over you without even have to think about it, I love him and I absolutely don't like guys who think so full of themselves they think it's okey to say something about the relationship from a person they don't even know." I said standing up, I looked over to Alex and saw him looking surprised I really said that to him. The guy walked off and I waved him goodbye. Alex pulled me closer to him "badass" he said grinning. I started laughing and gave him a hug.

The whole day we just relaxed at the beach and when swimming a couple times. We ran into some fans and we took a couple of pictures, after we said them goodbye Alex and I decided we would go to the swings in the water and Alex rook a couple of pictures and I posted one on Instagram, Alex liked the pic almost immediately and commented too. It started getting late already so we headed back to our resort and got ready to go eat out. We decided to go to the city this time so we could eat and do some shopping. The city looked absolutely beautiful. We ate really good again and after dinner we got some ice cream. I didn't bought anything but Alex bought a bracelet for his mother he thought she would like.

We got back to our cabin it wasn't that late we only wanted to change as we would be going to a club nearby. We called a cab as we both probably would be drinking. Perrie changed into a tight black knee length dress and I put on a pair of jeans and a black shirt. The cab was here and we drove to the club. The club was really nice and really big but there weren't that much people. I got perrie and myself a drink and we started dancing to the song that was playing, an hour later perrie was already really drunk so I slowed down on the drinking so that I could keep an eye on her. I told perrie I was getting a drink and walked to the bar, I waited for my drink to be done and I watched perrie dancing all by herself in the middle of the room, a couple of guys tried dancing with her but she would reject them all. As I watched the third guy walk away in my direction. He stood next to me and orderd a drink. "Isn't really going well with the girls tonight?" I asked him "no man just got rejected by one of the hottest girls I've ever seen" he said drinking his drink. I felt a bit jealous that he talked like that about my girlfriend cause I didn't like other guys hitting on perrie and saying she's hot, but I also got why people said it I mean she is Hot. "Did you have got any luck with the ladies tonight?" He asked. "I don't think my girlfriend would like it if I would hit on other girls" I replied laughing "but hey I'm sure you find someone just not that one I said pointing at perrie. The guy looked weird at me. "Good luck man" I said before walking over to perrie. I kissed her passionately and watched all the guys that Tried to hit on her looking really jealous. Perrie started laughing "there you are" She did happily. Her mood changed really fast and she looked real sad "Alex I'm sorry a couple of guys tried to hit on me but I rejected them all I promise" She told me really fast. "Pez don't worry about it I saw it happing I know you would never do something like that" I said smiling her frown changed into a big smile and she kissed me.

We went home as it was already long past midnight I called a cab and luckily there where still cabs driving we got to our cabin and changed into some comfy clothes and went to bed. "Alex?" Perrie Asked me. All the lights where off and we where cuddling in bed. "Yeah?" I said. "I love you" perrie told me I couldn't help but smile. " I love you too" I told her ". "Goodnight baby" "goodnight babe" perrie said softly before we both drifted off to sleep.

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