A Crush on a God? (Loki Laufeyson)

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"I do not-"  You pause.  "Wait, really?  Wow, I always thought that was some sort of coincidence."

"Loki's looking at you."

"He is?!?!"  You slyly turn in your seat so it looks like you are glancing out the window, but really you're looking at the god.  He has his back towards you.  "No he's not."

"Made you look," smirks Bucky.

"You little shit."

You catch a glimpse of Loki's smile as he turns to leave.  Once again, your eyes meet and that smile is suddenly directed towards you.  You slid down on your seat as a blush cover most of your face.  "That's it.  I'm killing him."

"Or you can man up and ask him out," suggests Bucky.

"K-killing is easier."

"Maybe you are on your period with these killing tendencies."

"Come on Bucky, think!"  You say.  "What can I do?"

"You can come to Stark's party tonight and win him over with your stupid puns, and if he doesn't appreciate them, you can become a crazy cat lady that screams at kids to get off her lawn."

You nod slowly.  "I like it.  But why is Tony having a party again?  This whole thing is turning kinda cliché, like one of those fan-fictions you read."

Bucky shrugs.  "I don't know, probably to show off his money.  And you promised not to bring up the fan-fictions again!"

"Sorry, hon.  I won't mention them again.  Only if necessary."

"So what are you going to wear?"

"I don't know, maybe I'll ask to borrow something from Nat."

"May I suggest green?  It seems to be his favorite color."


Despite Bucky's suggestion, you wear dark blue.  The day you dress to impress a guy, is the day that Steve won't salute when he passes an American flag.  In other words, never gonna happen. 

After a couple seconds of debate, you put on your leather jacket.  Sure it may not match with the other rich people's clothes, but where else could you put your gun?  There were only so many things you could put in your bra without looking suspicious.  Lastly, you slip on some high-heels.  Usually, you would wear your boots to these sort of things, but tonight you want to feel just a tad bit taller.

You walk towards the bar feeling confident, but before you can enter the room, Bucky stops you.  "Y/N, you have to leave all your weapons outside."

"You've got to be joking.  If Thor can bring his hammer in, why can't I bring my guns?"

"New rule."

"You've got to be fuc-"  Bucky gives you a stern look.  "Fine."  You hand him both the guns from the pockets of your jacket, along with the one you stuffed into your tights.  "Okay?"

"All of them," he says firmly.

Without breaking eye contact, you reach inside your dress and grab the one tucked inside your bra.  "There.  Happy?"

"Immensely.  Enjoy the night, Y/N."

You give him the middle finger as you walk past.  Stepping into the room, you immediately recognize....no one.  Literally, where is everybody?  Well, Tony's over there, surrounded by women, but where's Cap?  Bruce?  Nat? 

A hand rests on your shoulder, making you immediately go into battle mode.  Reaching for your guns....they weren't there.   Ohhh, so that's why Bucky took them away.   Turning, you see Loki, who still has his hand in contact with your shoulder, standing there.  "Hello, yes, do you require assistance?"  You ask, still a little miffed that your guns were gone.

"Hello, Lady Y/N.  You look exquisite tonight."

"Ahh, thank you, but just Y/N is fine.  You look pretty dashing yourself, finally got rid of that cape.  As a very wise woman once said, 'No Capes!'."

He gave you a confused look as you mentally cursed yourself for making references.  "Sorry, that was from a movie.  Have you watched any Disney yet?"

"I'm afraid I have not yet found time for discovering Midguardian culture yet."

"You really should.  Remind me sometime, we can have a movie marathon."

"I will.  Have you heard of a Tumblr?  The Falcon was explaining it to me."

You shake your head.  Dammit Sam  "Umm, it's kind of, like, something, a blog...you know what.  Forget about Tumblr, it's probably something that would go better undiscovered."

"What about Wattpad-"

"Even worse."

He opens his mouth to argue, but changes his mind.  "Have you seen my brother?  He said he was going to be here, but I don't see him."

"No, I haven't.  Bucky said he would be here also," you answer.  "I suppose I should try and find him."

"I don't know anyone else here, may I follow you?"

"What?  I mean, of course you can, I don't know anyone here either," you say, glancing around the room once more.  Where the hell is Bucky?  He's supposed to be my wing-man.

The two of you wander around the room, but Thor and Bucky are nowhere to be seen.  Once, a tipsy woman tried to make a move on Loki, but you gave her the evil side eye, and she immediately backed off.  Bucky always said that your stink eye could melt iron. 

After what seemed like the millionth time circling the room, you sigh.  "I give up.  And that's not something I say lightly."  You look at Loki.  "I'm going to ditch this place.  See you later."


You pause.  "Yeah?"

"Can we partake of the Disney movies tonight that you promised to show me?"

You smile.  "Sure, come on."


Bucky and Thor watch as you both walk to your room, silently giving each a nod as their plan successfully ends. Bucky stands up from under the bar and stretches his sore muscles. The things he does for you.

Thor stands up beside Bucky. "Are they going to partake of the Midguardian custom to 'Netflix and Chill'?"

Bucky freezes. "Oh shit. They better not. I'll kill him if he even tries-". He runs off.

*Time Skip*

Bucky sits between you and Loki on the couch. "So, The Incredibles?"


So I ended up writing Loki a little bit softer than I originally intended.  Oops.  This was really fun to write though.

Thanks so much for 2k reads!! I'm so glad you all like my little stories so much, I honestly thought that my sister would be the only one reading these.

Peter Parker is my hero y'all

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Peter Parker is my hero y'all.

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