Chapter 26

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Addy and Magnus just moved everything from Ragner Fells House to Magnus' flat.

"I can't believe this" Addy said. "If Clary did—"

"Don't blame this on Clary, she's going through a hard time" Magnus said

"Tell me about it!" Addy said

"Why don't you tell me about it, pumpkin"

"Don't bring back that name" Addy said pointing at Magnus.

"I love it, pumpkin, but please do tell me everything that's wrong with your life right now." Magnus said sitting down.

"I lost everyone and everything. I'm a screw up. I almost lost Alec, I almost lost Izzy, I'm slowly losing Jace, and, by the Angel, Clary is an annoying girl who thinks she knows everything! I don't even know who I am anymore, and I lost Fell! He was too damn important to me" Addy said sitting next to Magnus.

Magnus was holding a book, opened up to a page, there, was a picture of Magnus, Ragner, and Camille.

"She broke my heart" Magnus said out of the blue.


"You can't see him" Magnus said

"Who?" Addy questioned

Magnus stayed quiet. "MAGNUS! WHO?" Addy stood screaming.

"I know, I know" Magnus said nonchalantly waving his hand.

"I'm done" Addy said walking away from Magnus.

On the coffee table, there was a run down tea box. The letters were to run out to read them.

Addy bent down and picked it up. "Hey Magnus? Can I keep this?" Addy asked not looking up from the box.

"Sure, it'll help us both" Magnus said getting a drink. "I remember"

"Mag, your freakin me our with all this talking to yourself" Addy said.

"I'm sorry, Addison, it's... it's a warlock thing"

"Can't blame ya, I'm just the girl who can do weird stuff with a seraph blade." Addy said.

"Ah, the weird are the extraordinary." Magnus said

"I'm gonna head back to the institute" Addy said shaking her head.

"Will you be okay?" Magnus asked

"I don't even know what okay means anymore" Addy said, looking down on the tea box as a tear slide down her face.

"It means you can put on a smile and mean it." Magnus said.

"I don't know, but I'll be fine, I guess, I mean, you win some you lose some." Addy said.

"I'm gonna open a portal for you. It's not safe at night"

"I'm a Shadowhunter, I work at night, we are the dust and shadows?" Addy said

"Just let me save you the time pumpkin, let me do this" Magnus said as he opened the portal.

"Okay, well I suck at portal travel by myself, so if I don't make it to the other side..."

"Just go, save me the time" Magnus said

"That doesn't make sense" Addy said walking to the portal. "You're immortal, you have all the time in your hands."

"Just go pumpkin" Magnus said

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