Chapter 9|| You look good.

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"This is exactly what we need" I groan as Sadie rubs my back with sun cream. The harsh sunlight we were greeted to was irritating my skin so I probably need to drown in sun cream before I turn into a ripe tomato.

We're currently in the beach, Noah and Gaten are setting up the sun umbrellas and blankets, Caleb and Finn are getting ice cream after they get changed in the bathroom. For a private beach it is pretty luxurious, with so many features.

Me and Sadie stopped on our way to a surf shop that luckily had bikinis, Sadie bought a white flowery one piece, while I choose a scarlett red bikini. We're currently both wearing a shirt and shorts on top of it, so the boys haven't seen our swimsuits yet.

"All done" Noah claps his hands in achievement, he and Gaten put three sun umbrellas together, a big- huge even, blanket supported with a picnic basket and a lot of pillows.

"It looks so good Noah!" Sadie squeals as she puts her sunglasses on, Noah looks back at her with a smile, his eyes slightly squinting from the harsh sun.

"What's in the basket?" I nod towards it.

"No idea, I told the hotel we needed a few snacks for the beach" Gaten shrugs.

"Speaking of snacks- look at these fine muscles" A voice I formally recognise as Caleb comes from behind me. Me and Sadie dart around to see Caleb and Finn with ice creams in their hands.

Caleb is currently flexing his muscles in an awkward position, his bare chest shows a few rock abs, drowning in sweat.

"Since when did you get a six pack?" I snort looking back at Caleb, getting chuckles from everyone.

"Since when didn't I?" Caleb shrugs sarcastically as he chucks me a vanilla ice cream.

"I could hire us a boat to go dolphins sigh seeing?" Noah suggests as he tears open the ice cream wrapper.

I shake my head,"No adults- no flashy shit. Just us at the beach" I agree, everyone nods in reply.

"Race you to the ocean?" Caleb nods towards Gaten and Noah.

"You are so on" Noah scoffs as he puts his ice cream down.

"On the count of three, Sadie you coming?" Gaten asks as they all form a line.

Sadie nods her head,"Hold on- I can't swim in my shorts" she says as she lays her ice cream down. She unzips her shorts and jumps out of them, throwing her top into the mini tents.

She rolls her eyes as she sees Noah's eyes scanning her in her one piece,"Let's go" she says finally.

"One..two- three!" Gaten exclaims, they all dart around the same, Noah and Caleb slightly above everyone else. Me and Finn chuckle as we look back at them splashing into the water.

I take a minute to watch before I realise me and Finn are alone, I sigh and take off towards the tent.

I throw my sandals in the sand as I sense Finn behind me,"Coming in?" He nods towards the ocean.

I nod,"Obviously" I scoff, he looks back as he throws his sandals away. My eyes widen as he pulls his shirt up and throws it over his head to the picnic area with everyone else's things.

He's shirtless.

His bare chest needs a little tan, and the four pack Finn has isn't as noticeable as Calebs but they're still there. I suddenly felt weirded out by the view. Teenage hormones is what I concluded.

He raises an eyebrow as if he caught me staring,"We have all day" He sighs as he narrows his eyes on me, his tone hints sarcasm.

I roll my eyes as I wiggle out of my shorts. I pull up my shirt over my head and throw it into the blankets, letting my hair loose from my pony tail.

I feel Finns eyes drop, scanning my bikini. His face hardens as if he's holding back,"You look-" he mumbles underneath his breath before I interrupt him.

"Good? I know" I snort in sarcasm. I'm taken back by Finns gaze.

"Let's go" he chuckles as we make our way to the ocean to see Gaten, Caleb, Noah and Sadie splashing each other deep inside.

"Yeah" He manages to say as we're ankle deep into water, making our way to the others.

I raise an eyebrow,"What?" I chuckle.

His lips twitch upwards in a small smile,"Yeah. You look-Good" Finn chuckles as he nods to me.

I hold back a firm smile that ghosted over my lips. Somehow Finn has this affect on me, and I still have yet to figure out what it is.

Oh Finn.


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