chapter 5.

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The hug lasted a long time. As we slowly losened up I looked him in the face. His eyes stared right into mine. ''It's you. Did you follow me?'' I asked him. ''Yeah, I was worried. By the way my name is Qin Fen. I didn't introduce myself earlier.''

His performance popped in my head. ''Oh I remember.'' I smiled at him. ''Anyway, thanks for the hug. I should really get going. It's late. I have to go home.'' I turned the other way and walked away. ''See you tomorrow right?'' I chuckled and turned around. My arm went up and waved. ''See you tomorrow!''

My beautiful bed.

Exhausted, I let myself fall into the bed. I let out a heavy sigh.

I must have lost my mind back there.

My thoughts became so ridiculous and I started laughing. ''What am I even doing? I feel better now anyway.'' And like that I fell alsleep.

- Time skip: At work -

I walked through the hallways trying to search for the room I am teaching. Today I have to teach the ranks C and D. Oh, yesterday I teached A and B. Already wondering how the people will learn differently, I found the room and entered it right away. ''Good morning!'' I said with a loud and cheerful voice.

They got up as soon as they saw me. My mouth formed a bright smile. ''Soo.. My name's Y/N and I am your dance teacher. I hope we get along well.'' One guy raised his hand. ''May I ask how old you are?'' I smiled at him. ''Yeah of course, I am 19. You are allowed to ask me anything.''

My hand made a gesture that we're starting. The music started to play.  I tried to dance and watch over them as well. My eyes scanned every trainee and I could kinda guess how their style is: The time they would need to learn this dance.

The time went by faster than I thought it would. Sometimes I stopped the music and showed them every move step by step. There are trainees that learn really fast. I told them to help each other and if they have to questions they should just ask me.

Sweatdrops are running down my face. While leaving the room I swiped the sweat away from my face. I didn't really pay attention since I was really tired and I just wanted to go home. Thinking about my home, I accidently bumped into someone.

''Sorry-'' I didn't finish the sentence because there was Yixing standing there. He smirked ''Good timing. I just have to tell you that your room is ready''

I didn't understand a word he was saying. ''Excuse me?'' His face was wearing a blank expression again. ''What I mean is that you'll live in the dorm. So you don't have to always walk here and back home. Really considering right?'' He praised himself as he made a proud look.

''Uhh.. thanks but I decline. Nobody told me I have to live here'' I shook my head as I looked up to him, because he's obvisouly taller than me. ''I didn't say you could refuse. It's part of your job. So if you'll excuse me.'' He already took his leave.

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