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I sit in the quite band room after school practicing my sets. It was the only time I was truly able to play my soul away. I look down at my hands and see the blisters that I have created. No matter how bad it hurts, I still continue to work. I drum and drum and notice blood coming through of my band-aid. It doesn't bother me, so I continue going. Blood covers the drums and I sigh heavily. I get up from my chair and grabbed another band-aid. I take the band-aid and put it on top of the other. I wince in pain as I pick up my sticks.

I hear the band room door open and I jolt in surprise. 

"Well look what we have here!"

I knew that voice anywhere.

Min Yoongi.

"Yoongi, you're wasting your time. What do you want?"


"Pfft, in your dreams." I gave off a slight laugh and continued playing. I ignore him as he walks over to where I was sitting.

I feel his hands on my shoulders and stop everything.

"May I help you sir?" I ask and look up at him with my eyebrow raised.

"Yes, actually. I would like you to quit drumming."

Pfft. If only.

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