Chapter Eighteen - Late Night Skyline

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Riow's city skylight illuminated the sky, dusk disappearing into night. The skyscrapers engulf around them as the ship soared lower into the city.

 Ava was already in gear. Her gear consisted of fitting maroon trousers with a matching blazer. Her hair was slicked back into a low tight ponytail, her lips glossed in red. The worst part of this look was she had to wear heels. They were terribly uncomfortable, and will be especially irritating for the mission. The women in Riow wear contemporary, silky and firm garments. She would no doubt fit it in with the clothes she was given.

Her new identity was Harper Nield. Harper was a 24 year old Supplier who finds her home in the Remik, the country boarding Adrax. She had been a Supplier for three years, with Janet Fairlen, and Edward Ceen. Janet Fairlen was Katrien's fake identity and Edward Ceen was Thomas's fake identity. Jin-hu wasn't given one, only for him to make up his own identity, if any questions are asked. Though Jin-hu would be an essential part in the mission, he wouldn't come into contact with any of the Suppliers or Major Villem.

Katrien joined Ava as the landing board lowered, disclosing a confine runway they will be entering through with the vehicle. The vehicle hovered just a few inches from the ground.   

Thomas offered to drive and no one objected. Once everyone settled in the vehicle, Thomas zoomed them ahead. Though no one could see through the tinted windows from the outside, the windows inside looking out revealed in great detail the city surrounding them.

The city boomed, fully alive.

Passbyers wore floor length dresses, climbing the stairs to halls, entering luxury restaurants, while others dressed in short sparkly dresses walked into buildings with neon lights. Riow was the city of entertainment.

Katiren paid no attention to what's happening outside and only to the data screen she pulled up on her lap. She was reading more about her new identity, consuming all the information as fast as she could. Ava had done that earlier but didn't feel the need to look over it again as Katrien was. She realized that Katrien only focused on work, and had little interest in anything else. If she did, she wouldn't vocalize it.

Katrien was a true patroller.

She wondered how many missions these three had been on, how many different planets they'd gone too. For Ava, everything was new. She wanted to take in every detail about this planet, and the ones that follow. She felt like her nine year old self, who dreamed of reaching past the stars, exploring different worlds. Though, her nine year old self would have never believed her now if she were to tell her the only reason she goes to these planets wasn't for fun.

They haven't and wouldn't receive any news of Valeoi, on if the base was safe, if her friends were safe. They must follow through with the mission. She had hoped Katrien's data screen would light up with a notification but there was no use in hoping. Communications were only to be made with the scouter that was stationed here. 

Their vehicle halted to a stop causing her to lean forward.

They were here.

Swinging the door out, she emerged, the strong smell of liquor in the air. A few men come dazed  from the automatic doors of the hotel, falling all over, yelling and laughing. Keeping a wary eye on them for a moment, she entered the building.

There was no check in, that's already done for them.

Each of them have a key. Their room was on the twentieth floor, a suite with a room for each of them. She, Katrien, and Jin-hu enter the elevators, Thomas soon to be joining them after the vehicle was safety taken care of.

Two cameras were placed in the elevator. For some they might miss this small observation, but not for her. There will be eyes watching, ears listening. They must always stay in character.

Ding. The elevator doors open to the twentieth floor and they file out. Jin-hu was the first to reach the room, opening it.

Blue and purple hues lit up the room.  There was a kitchen, and sitting room. A very large sitting room. The windows displayed a sensational view of the city.

Darkness drew in light from a nearby planet Tuu, in the sky, that was so close, the shaping of the land could be seen. One of Tuu's moons could also be seen, illuminating a white glow on the city. Ava might had stared a little longer than normal, but she was beginning to realize that seeing the beauty in each planet will never go unnoticed for her.

Wondering into her room, a glittery dress laid perfectly on the bed, just as she suspected it would. Tonight they would go into town, blend in.

Zipping up the dress she looked back at her reflection in the mirror. The dress fit like a glove. The mixed gold and metallic squares of the dress have not one square cut the same. A plunging neckline went further down than she liked, but the long sleeves of the dress made up for her exposed skin. This time she wore silvery heels to match the metallic in her dress.

She had never worn anything like it before. Of course she wore dresses, but they weren't this. This dress called for more then blending in. 

By the time she was done getting ready the others were in the sitting room, discussing the best place to start in the city.

"Are you kidding all everyone is doing is dancing on one another!" Katrien disgustedly expressed distaste in Jin-hu's words.

"Exactly!" he replied with a smirk.

"We aren't here for pleasure," Ava eyed Jin-hu walking up to the table scanning the hologram of the nightspot in the city they were talking about.

"See, she is all business."

"It wouldn't hurt you to have some fun once in a while Katrien."

"Who said this isn't fun?"

Ava ignored as Jin-hu and Katrien begin bickering. She zoomed into the city, scanning the dozens of nightspots. There were many like the one Katrien explained, and she had to sort through them all. She paid close attention to the interaction between others, and if anything suspicious came about. She was looking for exchanges of information between others, of any illegal interactions.

There was at least fifty nightspots within the thirty minute radius they were in, far more after that. They would have to stick to someplace close.

Zooming inside a nightspot named Surge she found Revive officers. Her heart rate intensified. It was highly likely they could be here, or any planet they would go on. Now that she saw them she knew what she must do, a plan forming within her.

"Here," Ava pointed.

"No way! Revive officers are in there," Thomas spoke for the first time.

"I have a plan."

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