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(JJ's P.O.V)

Tears welled up in my eyes as I scrolled through the nasty comments on twitter from ''fans.''

@moneylag: You're so fat!

@btsduckling: JJ could seriously lose some weight, she does not look good next to the boys with her double chin...

@beneathme: Fat... Starve your self!

I threw my phone on my bed and went to weigh my self. I took the scale out and stepped on it before frowning at the numbers before my eyes.

''112 pounds... They're right, I am fat. I need to lose weight immediately.''

''JJ! DINNER!'' Jin shouted from downstairs.

''No..'' I whispered to myself before going down.

I sat at the table watching Jin pile up some rice and beef for me.

I gagged a little at the thought of all of that food going inside of my stomach any minute now.

Knowing that I had no choice, I took a deep breath and started eating, and before I could even look at my plate, all of the food was gone.

I stare at my hand that was holding the chopsticks in disgust, ''Did I really just eat all of that?'' I say to myself.

''Did you like it?'' Jin asked.

I nodded, ''I'm going to the bathroom real quick.''

I run upstairs and lock the bathroom door behind me before plopping down on the floor in front of the toilet.

''You can do this JJ...''

I shoved my fingers down my throat and started throwing up all the food I consumed.

I didn't have to worry about the boys hearing what I was doing because I turned the shower on.

After I finished, I flushed the toilet and got undressed to take a shower because it would've been weird if I came out dry with the shower turned on.

I went back downstairs after finishing while still drying my hair with a towel.

''Oh you took a shower?'' Jimin asked with his phone in his hand.

''Yeah.. I felt sticky.''

I grabbed a water bottle from the fridge and drank it all to fill in the empty space I had in my stomach.

''Thirsty much?'' Jungkook laughed as he saw me drinking.

''Showers make me thirsty. I'm going to bed.''

Days went by and I was still starving myself and forcing myself to throw up anything I ate.

The boys still had no clue.

(Suga's P.O.V)

I noticed JJ has barely been eating and would always end up going to the bathroom after she ate.

Not only that, but I also have noticed the tremendous amount of weight loss in her.

''You 6, come with me,'' I tell the boys.

We stand in front of JJ's bed room.

I knock, ''JJ?''


''Can I.. We.. Come in?''


We went inside, and the boys were very confused over why I dragged them with me.

''Come with me JJ,''

''Uh... Ok...'' she said before closing her laptop and removing it from her lap and getting up from her bed.

I take the scale out from the closet and set it in front of her.

''Step on the scale,'' I demanded.

Her eyes were as wide as the moon. ''W-what?''

''I said step on the scale. Don't lie to me and tell me that you weren't starving yourself over the past week.''

She hesitated a bit before finally giving up.

Our eyes widen as the numbers read 93 pounds.

JJ smiled in happiness.

''Why are you so happy?!'' J-hope half yelled at her.

''I lost over 10 pounds in a week! That's amazing!''

''It's not amazing JJ! It's completely unhealthy!'' RM said.


''Not to mention, you're completely underweight now! You were fine before,'' Jungkook told the shivering girl.

''What made you do this to yourself?'' Taehyung asked.

''The comments! All the hate I've been receiving on twitter! Everyone is calling me fat and telling me I should lose weight!'' she yelled.

Jin took a deep breath, ''And who told you to listen to them? You're not fat, and starving yourself is a terrible idea. You need to eat and gain all the weight back right now.''

''But I-'' Jimin interrupted her.

''We're not giving you an option, now come on before you end up passing out.''

We all sat down and watched her eat slowly and we made sure that she didn't go to the bathroom after she ate.

A few days later, she now weight 108 pounds, not the same as before, but a lot better than 93 pounds.

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