|Chapter 1|

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  The day was not bright at all. Today wasn't good at all for our girl. Reine sat at her desk moping and looking at the sky. Did somebody's grandma die or something? It's raining cats and dogs. Turning her head to look at the screen playing a documentary on deers. Are we really watching a documentary on deers on the last day of school?

She looked down at her phone to see how much time she had left but something caught her eye. Her best friend Thomas was talking to someone. A boy?!! Reine looked closely to see who it was but she couldn't put her finger on it. Who is that? I have never seen him before. Her thoughts were cut off by the bell ringing and the lights turning on.

"Excuse me, but they bell doesn't dismiss you I do." Looking up she saw her biology teacher Mr. Smith standing there looking mad. Bruh!! These teachers are mad annoying? Slowly packing her stuff she zipped up her bag and threw it over her shoulder.

"You can leave now." What?!! So annoying. At least today's the last day of school. No more school. No more homework. No mor-.

"Reine, what kind of name is that" a scratchy, high pitched croaked out. Reine's head quickly turned to see who that was. Coming face to face with a with the biggest snake ever. Aubrey. Ew.

"Thank god it's the summer and I don't have to see your ugly face" she screeched. Oh my gosh her voice is so annoying. Her little minions or slaves just nodded in agreement. Reine could care less what other people thought about her. She brushed past her and walked towards Thomas. "Excuse me, are you ignoring me?" Her screeching became quiet as she walked with Thomas arms linked.

"So how was your day." She looked up at Thomas and shrugged. "It could have been better." Reine was too tired to say anything else. Thomas looked down at his best friend and smiled. So adorable. "It's still raining" Thomas said as they reached the front of the school. Reine looked out the small rectangular window. "Do you have your umbrella?"

Ignoring what Thomas said Reine kept on looking outside. She was so mesmerized by the rain and how it hit the ground. Unzipping her book bag Thomas reached down and pulled out and umbrella. He tapped her shoulder and said "let's go home." Reine nodded her head and opened the door while putting the umbrella over their heads.
     Reine slowly turned her key around and opened her front door. Just like usual she wasn't greeted with opened arms. There stood her father angry as ever. Great.

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