- Mike's P.O.V - 

"Okay, so since your first home didn't work out- let's all just, forget about it," I pulled out some matches from my back pocket. 

Vic lunged forward quickly, "The fuck, Mike?" he asked, looking at me as if I'd just kicked a puppy. 

I sighed dramatically, "I just wanted to know what it felt like to burn something down, you know, like in all of those action movies..." I bit the inside of my cheek. 

"I bet you also want to know what it's like to be locked up, huh?" he retorted, not seeming amused at all. Why have a brother if you're not going to annoy them? 

I tsked, "That would be good for experience..." he narrowed his eyes at me, "I'm just saying...free health care!" then I ran out before he gave me a lecture on the reason why they probably give free health care in prison. 

I ran into Tori on my way out, seeming interested in something on her phone, "Hey what's that?" I moved closer, she didn't take her eyes off whatever it was- what if she was watching porn? Would that make this awkward? It wasn't until she started giggling that I realized she probably wasn't watching porn- plus I'd leaned in a bit closer, not being able to see anything yet, "What are you watching?" 

She looked up at me half way through my sentence, noticing my lips moving, then deciding that she should probably remove her headphones, "What?" she asked simply, pausing the video. 

"I said, What are you watching?" I repeated myself. 

"Oh," she chuckled, "Just watching idiots jump into ice cold water-" her nose scrunched up, "Looks painful, but it's highly enjoyable, not gonna lie." she made one of those 'Obama approves' faces, nodding at the distance. 

"You're strange..." I mumbled.

She was about to speak up when Jaime walked into our conversation, wrapping his arm around her shoulders, "Mike I think we've all concluded that she's not strange, just a bit...different," he mumbled, looking at her with adoration, she didn't see though. Goddammit, where's Tony? 

"Different?" she scoffed, "I am not different, in fact, I was voted most normal in high school," Jaime and I laughed, loudly, "What?" she asked skeptically. 

I looked at Jaime, "There is no way in hell," I chuckled. 

"I am normal!" she exclaimed, turning around to storm away, only to walk into a wall- that didn't exactly help at all, "Normal." she glanced at us quickly, rubbing her forehead with her hand, I am perfectly, normal." she sighed, walking off. 

I exchanged looks with Jaime, "I love her," he mumbled, eyes widening once he'd realized what he said. 

"You what?" I asked skeptically, what the fuck is going on here? 

"I love...herbs, yeah, herbs," he stammered, not making eye contact with me. 

I processed this for a few seconds, "Did you just say you-" 

"I wanna know what love is!" he began singing, striding away quickly. 

Kellin looked from me- to Jaime, I just shrugged, he nodded in understanding, going over to where Vic was stood at. 

- Vic's P.O.V - 

"And I ain't no hipster, but girl I can make your hips stir," Kellin started swaying his hips, "Shake it to the left, shake it to the right, bring it down loooooow, now take it to the right!" he moved his butt in every direction he called out, not seeming to mind my presence. 

"You would make an excellent stripper," I complimented him- or so I thought that was a compliment. 

He raised an eyebrow at me, "My stage name would be Kelly and I'd dress like a pimp ass motherfucker," he grinned,seeming to give the idea some thought. 

"I'm sure you'd make millions," I spoke sarcastically, earning a frown, "I'm kidding, you'd earn like thirty," I paused, "per year." 

"Well that's not very nice," he mumbled, tilting his head to the side. 

I shrugged, "It's only because you'd have a very jealous boyfriend making sure no one lays their hands- or eyes on you." I reasoned. 

He chuckled, "Whatever. Let's get to Gerards before we leave, I can't leave without telling Bandit bye," he frowned again, "I'm gonna miss her..." 

I walked over to him, standing to his front, "It's alright, we can visit whenever you want, okay?" he nodded, "Plus, I have a surprise for you once we get to San Diego," I mumbled, not trying to give to much of it away- I was nervous as fuck to get there. I was really taking a huge step into this relationship, we've taken many, but this one was big. 

Really big


oooooooooooooooh, I would pay money to see Kelly. 

I've got so much stuff going on so this might be quite confusing. Oh, and two more chapters left. It's been decided. 

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