20. Tear

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❝ tear ❞

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AFTER hearing his words, she halted on her steps and was left speechless. Jihae couldn't believe her ears, she still doubts if he said it wrong or she heard it wrong. "What did you say?" she asked him.

"What if I say I want to go?" he repeated again but got nervous this time. "What?" she asked again.

Jungkook let out an awkward smile before speaking. "I mean I need a break from work and if going for a honeymoon means getting leave from work then it will be okay," he said and scanned her expression.

Jihae processed his words inside his head. Well, she also needed a break. And after thinking for a while, she finally decided. "I also needed a break from work," she spoke.

Sure enough, he didn't expect her to agree so easily, but wait did she really agree?. "So we are going, right?" he asked, narrowing his eyes.

"I guess so," Jihae said.

Both of them were awkward but made it less obvious. "You can start packing," Jungkook said and walked out of her room.

Jihae needed to discuss her current project with her new assistant before she leaves, so she dialed his number. Well, she was still learning how to work, so she didn't have much idea about those works and the enterprise.

"Can you come to my house right now?"

Meanwhile, Jungkook already started packing his things. It was an excuse for him to distract himself from the thoughts of the specific person. But it was never easy for him.

There he found a thin bracelet inside the pocket of his pant. A small heart hanging in it with their initials engraved on either side.

A tiny tear rolled down his left cheek which he wiped away and put the bracelet inside the drawer. Maybe he never showed in front of others, he used to always tear up when he remembered his precious moments with her.

Jungkook let out a long breath and continued packing. The suitcase and a huge bag were already full but his Bluetooth speaker was still on the bed staring at him.

No doubt he tried to put the speaker in the suitcase and the bag but there was no space left at all.

An idea popped into his head, he carried the speaker and walked to Jihae'w room. He was about the knock on the door when he heard a male's voice from inside.

"Since when did she started bringing guys in my house?" He placed his ear against the door to hear the conversation clearly but he couldn't.

And he tried his best to hear the voices from inside but he suddenly stumbled forward when the door opened widely. He made himself straight and stood like a statue while Jihae and a guy were giving him weird looks.

They walked past him and his cheeks started burning because of embarrassment. He walked to the stairs and looked at those two down the stairs.

"Thank you," Jihae said while patting the guy's back before he walked out of the house. She walked upstairs and gave him the same weird look. She was about to walk past him when he stopped her.

"Who was that guy?" Jungkook asked. Jihae wasn't interested to continue the conversation. "My assistant," she said with a straight face.

A cheeky smile appeared on his face. "Assistant?" His mind was corrupted. "Yes, assistant." She rolled her eyes.

"You two look good together," Jungkook said while poking her cheeks only to leave her irritated. She pushed his hand away and walked to her room.

Jungkook followed her while playing with the strands of her hair. "What were you doing outside my door? Eavesdropping?" she asked while walking ahead of him.

That was when he remembered the real business, the speaker. "I came to give you this speaker–" He didn't even get to complete his sentence when she turned around with a wide smile.

And she was about to grab the speaker from his hand when he lifted it higher where she couldn't reach. "Don't even think." Jungkook glared at her making her pout.

"I have no space left so this is going in your suitcase," he said and walked to her room.

Jungkook saw an empty suitcase near the closet. "You haven't packed yet?" Jungkook asked.

Jihae nervously shook her head. "And you say he is only your assistant." The cheeky smile from earlier appeared across his face. Again, his mind was corrupted.

"We were discussing work," she said with a straight face. "Sure," Jungkook said with the same expression which made her kinda pissed but she didn't react.

Jungkook brought the suitcase to the bed and carefully placed his speaker inside the suitcase, at the corner. Jihae grabbed her clothes from the closet and shoved it inside the suitcase.

"Don't shove like that." Jungkook stopped her. He couldn't let her or her clothes touch his speaker. "Fold it properly," he said. "Why don't you help me then?" She threw her t-shirt on his head.

As a reflex, the shirt flew back to her head. "I won't touch your dirty clothes," he said and laid down on the bed while resting his head on his palm.

There he stayed watching her fold the clothes and also to make sure that she didn't touch his precious speaker. "Why would you take these in honeymoon?" he asked, pointing at the books she just put in the suitcase.

"Correction; a holiday as a break from work."




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