21. Miss

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AFTER almost fifteen hours of travel from Seoul to Athens, they finally walked out of Athens International Airport. The sky up there was already dark and the stars were twinkling as they took a cab to their hotel.

The hotel was already booked by them. It was a luxurious hotel with honeymoon special. They walked in while dragging their suitcases, straight to the reception.

"Excuse me, we have a honeymoon suite booked here," Jungkook spoke. Jihae looked at him in curiosity. "How many beds?" she whispered near his ears. He glared at her before turning to the receptionist.

"Booked under?" the receptionist asked. "Mr. & Mrs. Jeon," Jungkook spoke, making his wife choke on her own saliva and look at him in amazement.

Mr. & Mrs. Jeon

The receptionist murmured to herself while searching on the computer before handing them a key. "Enjoy your honeymoon, Mr. & Mrs. Jeon," she said, making the couple clear their throat before taking a quick glance at each other.

Jungkook thanked her before walking ahead with his luggage and Jihae followed him from behind. "How many beds are there?" Jihae again asked while following her husband.

Then he stopped and looked at her. "Why? Is there any problem? We always share the same bed," he said. He was right, they did share the same bed but now they were on honeymoon.

Jihae shook her head and he walked ahead. "But this time it's different." She murmured to herself. "What?" He turned around when he heard her murmuring alone.

"Nothing." She shook her head with a nervous smile.

They both walked to their suite and as expected, there was only one large sized bed in the bedroom, making her suddenly feel uneasy. They dropped their luggage there and decided to eat something since they were already so tired and hungry after the long travel.

The couple ordered foods and waited for them. While waiting for the foods to arrive, they ended up wrapped under the blanket and watched a movie.

Jungkook shifted closer to her while her concentration was on the screen. He hesitantly lifted his left hand to hug her but ended up backing away. He had no idea why his arms eagerly wanted to be around her waist.

A wide smile formed when he succeeded. Unfortunately—

*Ding Dong*

"FOOD IS HERE." Jihae jumped out of the blanket and ran to open the door.

And he sighed.

After a few minutes, Jihae brought the foods and served both of them. They finished the food in a few minutes since they ate like a hungry wolf.

"Let's go to sleep after this movie ends," Jungkook said. "You watch, I'll go and take shower." She walked away leaving him alone.

Jungkook watched the movie for a while until he got bored alone. He walked to the bedroom and jumped on the bed. No plans to take a shower.

After a quick shower, Jihae peeked outside and saw him on the bed hugging a pillow while facing the other side. She was only wrapped in a towel, so she tiptoed and grabbed her clothes before running outside the room.

And after changing her clothes, she walked in. "Aren't you taking a shower?" she asked after making herself comfortable on the bed beside her husband.

"I'm tired," he spoke in a tired voice and pulled her into a hug since he wanted someone in his embrace.

"You stink." Jihae pushed him away. He groaned tiredly and again, pulled her into a hug.

"Either you go and sleep on the couch or I will," Jihae said and pushed him before grabbing her pillow. She was about to leave when Jungkook hurriedly stood up and grabbed her hands.

"Where are you going?" he asked. He was already used to sleeping with her and felt lonely without her beside him.

"I'm sleeping in the couch because you stink," she said but he pulled her in the bed and pressed her while hovering over her.

"Are you afraid that something might happen between us?" he asked and she blinked several times before pushing him away. "What are you saying?" she asked and turned the other side in embarrassment.

"I'm tired, so let's sleep." Jungkook hugged her from behind. She let him hug her and waited for her cheeks to cool down which were burning from embarrassment.

Also, she could feel his breath against her neck tickling her. Soon cute snores were heard. For her, his snores had become the melody to sleep.

And she was almost asleep when she felt heavy breathing against her neck. She turned around and noticed his face covered with sweats and he was breathing heavily.

Again, the nightmare.


Then he suddenly opened his eyes widely and Jihae immediately pulled him into a tight hug. She knew that he needed the hug and it would calm him down.

"It's okay, Jungkook. Everything is alright." She patted his back and he shoved his face in the crook of her neck which helped him calm.

Soon enough, she broke the hug and poured some water into a glass for him. He emptied the glass and she wiped his sweats. He used to always end up like this whenever he gets nightmares.

"Thank you and sorry," Jungkook spoke in a low voice. She shushed him and pulled him into a warm hug before he slowly drifted down the sleep in her embrace.

"I know you still miss her."


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